Customization ?

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I love this! 
I have been looking for something that is functional enough that I will actually stick with it..Im a bit A.D.D. and, honestly, when I need to record a task I usually get distracted before I finish figuring out how I'm supposed to categorize/label my tasks and type them in! With, I can either drop tasks into the days, or roles, even if at that moment I don't know how I am going to categorize every angle of the task! *So, you can see why I LOVE the "Some Day.." option! and appreciate the "Mission Statement" feature!* 
However, options for customizing the spaces would be a huge plus. Because the days are doubled up on the weekends, there isn't enough room to view all the tasks on those days- without scrolling... Either being able to stretch and shrink the day boxes, or choosing how many rows/columns would be fantastic! I didn't even realize I still had tasks on a friday that just weren't visible. :(