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Aymeric, This is a great APP. Thanks. Support for Smart phones will be awesome!!!!

Yes, I agree, it is great but would be even better if there was a mobile version for my Android phone.

Hi Stephen, there is an Android app already, look for "week plan"

Thanks Aymeric, that is just what I was looking for!  Well done on the design and building of this app.  I am a developer myself and can appreciate the overall simplicity and usability you've maintained without sacrificing functionality.

Not sure if this is already advertised somewhere and I'm not seeing it but think you should promote the Android app a bit more. Having a unified app that works on both desktop and phone (and is cloud synced) is a major selling point.  The Chrome App is also great.  The features page (http://weekplan.net/features/) doesn't even mention it.  Definitely worth promoting.

Again, well done for a great application.

Hi Stephen,

I am not yet happy with the Android app. It is slow and not touch friendly. It is the main reason why I haven't publicly announced it yet.

But you are right, I need a place where to advertise the Chrome extension and app (and upcoming iphone and ipad apps).

I've just come across this and am really liking the look of it, but a standalone iPhone app (and good print options) would seal the deal :)

iphone / ipad apps and print friendliness are our current two top items.

For people interested in the iphone app for weekplan, Daniel has been working on it for several months and it is almost ready to be beta tested. Head there and subscribe to his newsletter to follow the updates on the iphone: http://weekplanforiphone.com
That's exciting!  I was happy with how WeekPlan already works on my iPhone.
My Goodness! The App, The design looks Beautiful! <3 You have outdone yourselves once again.
Hi Mina,

the credit goes to Daniel, the developer who decided WeekPlan needed an iphone app and that he could no longer wait :)
If you are interested in voting on WeekPlan iPhone features you can visit myweek.uservoice.com.

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