Support multiple google calendars

Cedric Moschallski hace 5 años actualizado por Aymeric (Founder) hace 3 años 10
Would be nice to select many calendars - maybe even from many accounts (I use 3 accounts with 2-3 calendars each)
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Hi, Cedric! You can only sycnhronize one Google account at this time. Nevertheless, I will keep this open to garner more votes so our Product Development Team can consider this for future product enhancements. :)

Add my vote for this! I'm a teacher and many of the meetings I have to go to are on subscribed to calendars which are r/o and don't import into WP. Having to copy all that info onto my own calendar would be a PITA.


You can now sync with multiple google calendar accounts.

Thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to restart the dialog that asks me what calendar I want and I don't see how to delete the entries I already have in the hopes a button or something will appear. Would you do me a favor and clear out my calendar links or tell me how to do it so I can start over? Thanks!

I know where the calendar settings are. What I couldn't figure out was how to delete them and/or add new calendars. Is there a "delete" or "add new" button? Once I added the calendars, the "Synchronize with google calendar" disappeared. Any way to just reset all the google stuff and start over for me?

The calendars are pulled from your gcal calendar, so if you add or delete calendars from your gcal account it should be reflected there.

> "Synchronize with google calendar" disappeared

Do you mind sending me a screenshot of what you see instead?

Here you go. Please note the following:

1. The first time I created the sync nothing happened in spite of "pull" being selected. I recreated it and this time it synced, but r/o calendars that I subscribe to are missing from the list. Missing are "Grievance Committee" and "P-CEP Master Calendar".

2. The second time I created the sync it worked, but the calendars above were still missing.

3. When I stopped the sync, it duplicated entries from home to work. Note that I never turned on push, only pull. I don't know for sure that WP did this, but I don't know what else would have. I am very leery of turning it back on and have left it off.

I do not have a lot of entries on my calendar, but what I have I cannot afford to lose or have it messed with for legal reasons.

Hope this helps, let me know if I can be of any more assistance.

Thanks we are going to check what is happening.