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(using Chrome)

I have a task that is created for a specific day.
Under that task, I have 4 items in a checklist, along with some notes

If I now clone it (ctrl + drag), the main task is copied, but all of the notes/checklist items are not.

If this could be fixed, it would be great - especially useful when some tasks have a lot of repetitive checklist items, as re-doing them each time a new task is created is very time consuming.

BTW - Great tool :-)
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Hi, Ian! We're glad that you find Weekplan a great tool! :) Aymeric, creator of WeekPlan, made the decision of not repeating checklists because he didn't see any value in them, e.g. if the task is Shopping. As a workaround, what you can do is list your subtasks in Notes instead, i.e. task1, task 2, etc.

Thanks for your patience!