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This is the productivity app that I have been looking for.  Its minimal but it does exactly what I need and nothing else that just gets in the way.  I've used it for 5 minutes and I'm erasing all the other crap taking up space.  Thank you.  Great Work.  I'm sure someone has already suggested an iphone app.  What about custom shortkeys? A Premium Subscription is a great idea.  


Thank you for your kind words.
Yes an iphone app is in consideration as well as the keyboard shortcuts. I am struggling to get everything done :)
Thank you for your kind words.
Yes an iphone app is in consideration as well as the keyboard shortcuts. I am struggling to get everything done :)
I just registered for the tool yesterday - I'm hooked!

It's a fabulous bit of software, and after a bit of trial/error, I'm finding it a pleasure to use, having struggled with 'Asana' overload for way too long.

Love the Google calendar sync too - It's even populated my weekplan with details of webinars I registered for...

Love it! Well done Aymeric - you've done an awesome job
Thanks Ian, I am interested to hear your experience with Asana.

What did you like about it, and what made you look for something else?
Hey Aymeric

thanks for the prompt reply - here's some thoughts that hopefully you & other users will find helpful - feel free to use as you see fit:

I've used Asana on-and-off for over 2 years.

Asana is a great tool - don't get me wrong. Its excellent for;
  • creating plans
  • to do-lists/checklists
  • having multiple users
  • cloning 'projects'
  • free for 15 users (I think)
However, it can also be 'overkill' on creating 'things to do' - and what I mean by that is that after the initial 'feelgood' factor of setting up all of the 'to-do' items and getting that nice warm feeling of 'getting organised', you can then be faced with a big list of actions that can be overwhelming, so each time you log in, it can be daunting in terms of everything that you need to do

What I like with weekplan is the simple division between;

  • to do lists (immediate)
  • goals for the week (weekly)
  • parking lot / ideas (longer term)
also, the ability to set up different workspaces - so I have set up, for example, one purely for work, and one purely for personal stuff (and a 3rd to show 'everything') - this way, using the filter view, I can see easily by flicking between workspaces, stuff that is for 'work', 'personal' and also 'everything'

I love the journal - the only negative I would say with the on-screen version of the journal, is that it picks up all of the completed tasks - however, downloading it filters out all of that, and leaves you with a nice spreadsheet with just the important stuff....

Parking lot - love this - a great way to be able to stick ideas down into categories, without having to 'commit' to them in the short term - way better than using post-it-notes and writing notes in pads

Nice to have things on weekplan would include:
  • a filter on the online version to be able to show 'just journal entries' / cogitorama's (rather than logging everything including completed tasks)
  • option to be able to view upcoming month (rather than just 1 week at a time)
  • option on the timer to be able to select more than just 25 min timer
  • Easy access to FAQs/How to (eg in menu below blog link)
  • Quick guide to shortcodes / tagging etc
  • change background colour per workspace (for clarity)
To summarise;

as a user who's just been introduced to weekplan for less than 24hrs, I have to say that hands down, it's one of the best productivity / planning tools that I've used, and I've probably tried most of them out there, coming from a project management and 'big agency' background.

  • It's simple to use (but has enough complexity to satisfy the most demanding of users)
  • It's very intuitive
  • pricing is very competitive
  • Aymeric really cares (unlike dealing with a large, faceless organisation)
  • It brings order to chaotic thinking very quickly
  • It just works
Looking forward to using it for many years to come and seeing how it develops :-)

Hi Ian,

Thank you for the detailed answer. Very insightful for me.

I also wanted to let you know that I have just implemented a way for you to filter out the activity logs in the Journal (you will find the filter icon in the Journal in the top right).

No problem Aymeric - happy to provide any constructive feedback you need as I get deeper into using the platform!