Tasks disappeared this morning.

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On the last update some of my tasks were deleted. I am in a habit (possibly a bad one) of leaving weekplan open on my work computer, and when I come in first thing I refresh so that it syncs if I did something at home, and pushes undone tasks to today.

This morning when I refreshed, I got the 'load new version' message and I said yes.  When everything refreshed, I lost a few tasks (and I'm not 100% sure how many or which ones).  The one I am sure of, is something like "@EPT Get BCM working on Wenzel".  

I have noticed some flakiness in the past when moving tasks around.  Sometimes they'll disappear, or duplicate.  But since it's right when I'm working with the task, I can replicate it with relative ease.  This is disconcerting, because now I'm not sure what I have to replicate.  

I looked through some older posts where people have had deleting tasks issues, so I know you understand how important it is that this can't happen.  
Aymeric Founder
Hi Jon,

I am very confident your tasks haven't been lost, I just need to figure out what happened to them. 

I will look for the exact task you mention in your message and find out what happened. Stay tuned...
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