easy ordering of weekly compass

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Hi There, 
I'm loving the app so far, very useful. 
It'd be a nice feature to be able to drag and drop the tasks in the weekly compass into any order I liked. 
At the moment (unless I'm missing something) once you input them they are fixed. 
I input a massive list this week, but then my priorities changed and an Item further down cannot be moved into the visible section of the list. 
I like the most important things to be visible. 




Paul, I just deployed the change, thank you for your feedback! :)
In addition to the Drag & Drop, what do you think about having Quadrant/Priority Level for each task.  This lets you put the tasks in order first by Quadrant (Important/Urgent) and then numerically within each Quadrant (000-999). 

This may be a faster implementation while waiting for drag and drop capability.  When you enter your tasks there should be a radio box for Important and one for Urgent.  This decides if the task is:
Important  UrgentB  ImportantC             Urgent D <What is this doing on your task list?>
Any time you change a task from Urgent/Important, it is reclassified and put in the right area of the task list. 

Then there is also a priority for each Quadrant.  You provide a number between 000 and 999.  The tasks are then listed in their respective quadrants by that level.  If you need to change which goes first, change the level.  If you follow the method of setting levels every ten, i.e. 010,020, 030 ... 990, then you can place tasks between others by giving them a level ending in 5.  An old programming trick. 

Perhaps the application would default your task to the highest level number in the quadrant + 10.  Then you can change the number if needed.  IF you give a task the same number as an existing task in the quadrant, the program should place it half way between that task and the next highest number.  If it is the last task in the list, then add ten.

An additional feature would be the ability to renumber tasks.  The system then renumbers the list of tasks starting at 010 and adding ten for each task, maintaining the current order of precedent.  This helps for those always rearranging the task.

When we get to drag and dropping, the system need to be able to reclassify the quadrant when you drop a task in a new quadrant.  It also should place the task level half way between the two tasks you dragged it into.  Once complete, the renumber function would work as described above.

Today in WeekPlan you can reorder the tasks in the same day. Doesn't this already behave as a "Level"?
Paul, I just deployed the change, thank you for your feedback! :)