Question about deferring a task... and removing completed tasks in google.

Veronica Van Dyke 7 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 7 years ago 9

I have turned off the feature that automatically moves tasks from yesterday to today. (Good.) EXCEPT, now if I manually move a task from yesterday day today, it no longer increments the # of times a task has been deferred. I love the little deferral count. Is there any way to combine those two features?

Also, if I "remove completed tasks" from Google tasks, will that delete them from WeekPlan? (That would be bad.)


Unfortunately, I am incrementing the deferred counter when I run the code that moves tasks automatically. I could write something to increment it when you move the task from the past to today, but then users will probably ask to be able to change that counter because they didn't mean to update the counter, etc... in this case I prefer to keep it simple :)

The "Clear completed tasks" doesn't really delete the tasks, you can still access them in Google Tasks through "View completed tasks" so I am guessing (sigh) that they won't be deleted in weekplan either.

I totally get the simple approach. And no worries. It's not that big a deal. 

Regarding the google tasks, if I clear them and they get "removed" from weekplan, can you get them back for me? I'm using them to complete bill clients. 

And on that note: do you have an API by any chance? I would love to integrate weekplan with harvest. 

1. No, the tasks would be lost. I can send you a csv of all your tasks if you want?

2. Yes, the web app uses the API itself. Unfortunately, I haven't found the time to document it. Please let me know what functions you will need, and I will share the details of the API with you for these.

1. Hmmmm.   Maybe after I do April invoices. 

2. I just need to yank task details including time spent for particular dates. Then I'll use the harvest API to post there. 

You can use Zapier.com for that, they integrate with both Harvest and WeekPlan :)

I actually can't... since the only thing that will trigger a zap in Zapier is a NEW task in Weekplan, and I actually don't want to trigger it until the task is completed. It would be NICE to do it that way, though. :) I use zapier now to create my Weekplan tasks from Evernote.

Actually, I can create a new trigger for you in Zapier for completed tasks. Would that be better?

OMG. That would be spectacular!! :)

Phew! The process to modify a live integration is a bit of a pain but I got there. You should not see "New Completed Task" as a trigger :)