Editing journal entries

neo2dot0 4 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 3 years ago 5

... is a pain in the ass. Why can't I just click the entry and start typing, and all changes are autosaved every 2 seconds?

Maybe because of markdown syntax - but I'd rather just have the content change into markdown source code in the same unaltered view.

But if an editing view has to open, why does it have to be a popup? It feels very, very obtrusive and outdated.

OK, but if it has to be a popup, why is the sizing of the text field so horrible? I can't even resize it freely to see all of the text there is in longer-than-very-short entries.

Anyway, why are my line breaks not conserved in teh output? Why do I need an empty line for a line break? This feels broken to me.

Under review

All valid feedback, thanks. The journal is not our focus at the moment so I want to preempt you that we are not going to act on this anytime soon. It is important for us to focus on the most important aspects of the app first.

I get that Journal isn't a priority. I just started using WeekPlan and think it is fantastic. I think the Vision Planner and Journal are hugely important parts of it. So my markdown H tags are not showing in the display box. It's almost like the CSS for H tags is set to White, and so is the background for the Journal Entry. So while I can see my text if I select it, it doesn't show by default. I would love to see the journal get some priority as well. Thanks!

Oh, I just played with this some more and connected the use of a custom background to this issue. When I go to the Default background, the journal markdown shows fine. When I use a background, it whites out the H tags. HTH.

Thanks, that's very helpful, we will get that fixed.