Completed tasks are moving to Goal section

dwaits 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 17

Hey there,

In the last few days I have noticed that every time I complete a task, a copy shows up in my Goals section. Makes it confusing because it's difficult to keep long term goals and daily tasks separated. Could you please repair?





Not trying to complain... I love Weekplan and wouldn't use anything else. However, I don't see this is working the way that it's supposed to.

Current condition: Every completed task, whether it's been dragged from goals or not, is being duplicated in the Goals section when the page is refreshed. Is this the way it is intended to work?

Again, just trying to understand.

Thanks for your help,


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I cannot reproduce this issue.

Would you be able to make a short video of it?

Have the tasks anything special about them? Are they in the past/ Are they repeating tasks? Are they coming from Gcal?

I just tried to reproduce the problem and could not. However, out of the five or so tasks that I completed on Monday and Tuesday, all but one ended up being copied into the Goals section. Unfortunately, I had already deleted them by the time you requested a demonstration. I will continue to monitor my planner and send a screen shot or video the next time it occurs.

Yes please let me know if it happens again...

Just got it reproduced by finishing task and reloading page after that -> finished task has appeared in the Goals-column for the role.

Yes, Dmitry is correct. If the task is completed and the page reloaded, it places a copy of the completed task in the Goal column.

FYI... sent a video link to Aymeric by email that demonstrates the issue.

Thanks Dan, I will try to contact you over Skype to check your browser details.

Hi, any update on this? I'm also encountering the same problem for the past few weeks now. It involves both repeating and non-repeating tasks. Mine is not related to Gcal.

I also noticed that when I add goals for the current week, they are appearing or automatically added in the other weeks before and after the said week. They disappear or are removed once the goal is completed. In my general settings, the "automatically roll over uncompleted tasks" option is not ticked. Hope you could fix the issue. Thanks!

We are looking at this issue but cannot reproduce, I am expecting this issue will be solved this week though.

Regarding the goals, we have recently changed how goals work, they are not tied to a specific week anymore, it is just a master list of goals.

Actually guys, I know what is happening, and this is working almost the way it is supposed to.

Let me try to explain:

Recently, the functionality "goals of the week" have changed. Goals created after the 10th of March are not tied to a specific week anymore, you just have a master list of goals, rather than goals per week.

In your week, you may have tasks that you had drag/dropped from goals before that feature was deployed. So these tasks are effectively goals, but the goals are from weeks in the past. So the goals don't show in the Goals section.

Now when you complete the task, it marks the task as completed and shows the task/goal in the goals section.

I will update the code so that old goals don't appear in current week when completed. This is where the issue is.

Thanks everyone.

Aymeric, the video I sent by email should better demonstrate the issue.

The condition that is occurring for me takes all of my completed tasks and places them in the goal section (once the page is refreshed). Shouldn't tasks be tasks, and goals be goals? It makes it very confusing, as I am used to setting goals separately.


A task can also be a goal if you drag that task into the Goals section.

A goal can also be a task if you drag that goal into the Week section.

The bug has been resolved and deployed.

Dan, if you create a new task called "Test" in the week and mark it as completed. Does it go to the Goals section?

It is now working properly. Thanks so much for your help.