is there a way to sync your outlook account so your calendar appointments can integrate into the week plan?

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I love Weekplan to. It brings a momentum into my life since january 2014.
I have the same question as Byron, but need to sync with google calendars, instead of Outlook.com
I made the transfer from Outlook to Google Apps in Google Chrome, because Weekplan at first did send the tasks over to the google agenda. There you can copy these tasks manually.
Actually it would be great, if a Weekplans task can sync with google calendar and vice versa.
Google calendar offers a marvellous overview of my calendar and syncs with my iPad and iPhone.
It stimulates to plan and work together with my team as a home and sports Physician in Holland.

Does anyone know, if Google Calendars has this feature to send over to weekplan and for weekplan to receive and put it right in the correct date, possibly with a note wether tasks are important or urgent or not.

Looking forward to contribute to a discussion,
Please reply

Hi Roeland, you can synchronize using Zapier, see the documentation here: http://weekplan.net/synchronize-google-calendar-and-weekplan

Roeland, WeekPlan now integrates with Google Calendar.

Byron, we haven't considered outlook.com yet. Not enough people are using it to justify putting time and effort in this feature at the moment. We will focus on Google Calendar in the near future.

The only way right now is a bit convoluted.

You would use a tool to synchronize your Outlook with Google Calendar, and then synchronize Google Calendar with your weekplan.

I use Outlook exclusively for my mail client and have a windows phone, tablet and desktop. I like week plan but am hesitate to really get into it because i am having to place the task on both week plan and outlook. Being able to sync would be great. I'm sure the are more people using it we windows people are just not as vocal and google and apple people.

Yes more and more people are asking for a Outlook integration. It is not high in our roadmap yet, but it is getting some visibility.


Another +1 for 2-way sync with outlook


We don't offer a direct integration with Outlook but because we integrate with Zapier, and Zapier integrates with outlook.com, maybe you can find a way to push new tasks to WeekPlan with this service?

I got a suggestion for a tool for Outlook - Outlook and Outlook Google sync: http://www.sync2.com/google-sync-to-outlook.aspx . Works great, been using for quite some time now and it seems to get better each year.


Hi there,

Thank you for   reaching out.  We will work on this at some point. We are looking to implement two way sync for Outlook / iCloud / Trello / Todoist / Asana.