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Do you know what tasks you have lost? I will look into it to understand what happened.

Also please try to empty your cache and see if that is the source of the problem?

Once I clicked to mark two tasks complete, it deleted everything else for the rest of the day. I found them over in a pending column. I've tried refreshing. I'll try another browser. I'm currently using safari.

Keep me informed please thanks.

It is normal that the tasks are now always showing in Pending now that they have been moved. I wonder if this buggy behaviour of sending tasks to Pending is still happening.

Same issue with Chrome and the mobile app version. Everything for today is gone. It took me several times yesterday to set everything up for today. I kept getting a flashing yellow bar in the top right corner and then when I'd add the next task I'd lose the previous one.

I'm having similar issues with this as well -- I just keep getting the yellow loading bar.

Hi, after an update new tasks just disappear after I close them. ((

Try to clear the cache of your browser and see if it happens again...

I'm having the same problem unfortunately :(

Is it a recurring problem or it only moved the tasks to Pending once?

It seems to be a recurring problem unfortunately.

It also doesn't seem to be syncing between my computer version and my phone app - any ideas?

So you have two problems? iphone not syncing and tasks going to Pending?


This issue has been fixed. Thanks guys!

Not showing being fixed for me yet -- as you can see from the attached, when I go to a new week, it doesn't show anything.

Just keeps loading.

This is really strange. If you are in Chrome, could you please press F12 (show Dev Tools) and then click on the Console to show the error you have?

I just deployed a new version, could you please check it solves your problem?

Please try to clear your browser's cache.

Just did, and same issue.


My issue is resolved, not getteing the issue again

This is still happening. I went to edit one item this morning and my entire day shifted to pending.