Auto Rollover not working

TimBling 4 years ago updated by spmurthy 4 years ago 11


Some of my incomplete tasks are not rolling over to the next week. When I open tasks that have not rolled over, the date has been updated but they also have a start time. I do not knowingly add that start time though. Any ideas?

Under review

This is strange.

1. Do you use the iphone app?

2. What time value do they get?

I noticed a difference in Roll Over for tasks with a specific time (like an event) on a date. They don't roll over.

Tasks that have no specific time, do roll over.

It is by design, a task with time is an event, and might not make sense the next day at that specific time.


Yes, I use the iphone app although infrequently. The tine value they get are all in the morning, ranging from say 8:00 to 11:00.

I think the specific time is the culprit. The interesting thing is I never intentionally set a time. Another clue, some of the tasks roll over, maybe 1/2, just not all of them.


Ah, was just coming on to ask about this - think I understand what's going on then. As for Tim, around half of my incomplete tasks roll over, the other half are left in that day. I always set a time for the first task of the day to get me started and line up tasks after this. Some seem to "pick up" set times associated with the first task and some don't - presumably the ones that do are the ones that don't roll over? Can this be fixed, or any way for me to avoid it? Would it perhaps be possible to make "event" something that you stipulate using a button when adding or editing a task rather than just assumed by assigning a time? It could come up in green or something so that it's clear what's unmovable. Would help visually when looking through the day to highlight meetings, appointments, deadlines etc.

It doesnt roll over for me at all either. I checked and the tasks dont have time

Repeating tasks don't roll either, is that what is not rolling for you?

got it, there was the time thing!

I never use repeated tasks. It's clear to me now that some tasks are getting a time associated with them (not sure how as I don't consciously use that feature), Once one of the tasks has a time, others that are put below that one get assigned a later time. All tasks then with a time associated with them will not roll over to the next day. Hope this helps.



Make sure to drag tasks above the "8am start of day" bar if you don't want to assign any start time.

I see it now!Maybe it should be a little more vivid. So let me check in Monday and see what happens to the rollover