Allow to duplicate checklists for recurring items

Lindsay Hastey 5 years ago updated by katy_matt 4 months ago 34 2 duplicates

Right now the checklist only shows up on the first occurrence of an item


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I need this! It's caused some problems for me.


This is a popular request, we will implement it at some point.


I just voted for the same idea here: http://support.weekplan.net/topics/582-copy-subtasks-across-all-tasks-in-a-repetition/#. Maybe there are more votes than appears? Looks like it's been a request for a couple of years now. Thanks for making this happen for us Aymeric!


SO DISAPPOINTED when I created a pretty detailed checklist on a recurring task thinking that it would be duplicated later and it wasn't. Frankly, this was a feature I thought was in the software and was a big contributing factor to me considering Weekplan over Todoist. I hope there are plans it implement it soon.

Same for me.  I have just realised that this isn't the case and hope it is implemented soon.  To be honest, this seems to be something that has been overlooked as it is fairly common


I agree with all above. Being able to make a duplicate of a task that contains a checklist is vital. Thanks,

Hi there!

We appreciate the feedback and will pass this along to the Dev team . It may not be in high priority at the moment but we will have this noted for future improvement. :)

Ana - I would be interested to know what other things are higher priority. This is a key feature in terms of having a checklist that repeats if the main task is repeating.  Maybe fixing the Goals section which is just terrible to be honest.


This is extremely important to me otherwise i will have to use two systems for a daily checklist. I really like this system and dont want to have to research or implement another system

Friends, although we recognize this feature can be important for many of you, I have to draw a line at which features we implement now and which ones have to wait still. 

There are 1000s of small features we could be implementing that are important to pockets of users but I believe other things can better help grow the community.

In the meantime, I suggest you use the notes to store your checklist as it works per event:

[ ] subtask 1

[ ] subtask 2

[ ] subtask 3

The formatting of the notes section is terrible.  The support section (this particular window) is way better than the notes section.

It would be useful to see the planned developments/features etc so active users can vote.  At the moment, given the formatting of the notes, the issue in this thread, the goals section and the app which is beyond belief terrible, I am reconsidering my use of this tool as well.  

You're getting a lot of great feedback on your product, which gives you an opportunity to maximize the benefit your users experience, and really solidifies their loyalty to your product.  2 years later and this same feature is a problem, I'm on the trial currently and this may be the deciding factor on whether or not I purchase the service.  Highly recommend you consider the feedback for what it is: A great opportunity to satisfy your customers and improve your product.

Under review

Hi, Krystle!

Thank you for reaching out.

Our apologies as repeating the subtask is not yet available with the current version.


I would also love to be able to have repeating subtasks!

Hi, KMH!

Thank you for the suggestion. We do not have this on our priority list at the moment but keep the votes coming.

Hi, Amylin!

Thank you for voting on this.

We appreciate the feedback and will pass this along to the Dev team . It may not be in high priority at the moment but we will have this noted for future improvement.

Dang 11 months later and this is still not implemented. I guess it's back to Todoist for me :(

Hi, Tedero!

Thank you for checking back on this request. 

I reached out to our dev team regarding this. We will get back to you for the update.

I would like to see that as well. Not being able to have that actually has me considering other tools.

Hi, Sabrina!

Thank you for voting on this.

We will share this to our team to consider for future improvement. 

I was struggling with same issue today.

Hi, Ariel! Thank you for reaching out. We have noted your vote on this feature request.

This would be such an important (and necessary) update....looking forward to seeing it happen

@Week Plan - This seems to be one of (if not the) most consistent request across the platform from looking at the forums. 

Can we get an update on when this feature will be provided please? 

Hi, Robert!

Thank you for checking on this suggestion.

As of writing, we do not have this on the list of priority features. I'm checking with the team for any update/changes. 

hey ana

What is the update? 

In need of any update please......?

Just thought I would try my luck for an update.....?