I need this! It's caused some problems for me.

This is a popular request, we will implement it at some point.

I just voted for the same idea here: http://support.weekplan.net/topics/582-copy-subtasks-across-all-tasks-in-a-repetition/#. Maybe there are more votes than appears? Looks like it's been a request for a couple of years now. Thanks for making this happen for us Aymeric!


SO DISAPPOINTED when I created a pretty detailed checklist on a recurring task thinking that it would be duplicated later and it wasn't. Frankly, this was a feature I thought was in the software and was a big contributing factor to me considering Weekplan over Todoist. I hope there are plans it implement it soon.

I agree with all above. Being able to make a duplicate of a task that contains a checklist is vital. Thanks,

Hi there!

We appreciate the feedback and will pass this along to the Dev team . It may not be in high priority at the moment but we will have this noted for future improvement. :)

This is extremely important to me otherwise i will have to use two systems for a daily checklist. I really like this system and dont want to have to research or implement another system


Friends, although we recognize this feature can be important for many of you, I have to draw a line at which features we implement now and which ones have to wait still. 

There are 1000s of small features we could be implementing that are important to pockets of users but I believe other things can better help grow the community.

In the meantime, I suggest you use the notes to store your checklist as it works per event:

[ ] subtask 1

[ ] subtask 2

[ ] subtask 3