I use this for my work schedule and I can't access it. PLEASE FIX

lazra79 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 11

Add me to the list. Hope I didn't have anything important to get done this afternoon.

Same! Got a meeting in half an hour and have contacts and addresses in weekplannnnn! help!

I cant access anything. The app will let you start to log in then just do nothing. Accessing it on chrome lets you hit log in but doesnt let you put your info in. Tried firefox and actually got to the log in screen to just sit there after entering my info.

Application Cache Error event: Failed to parse manifest https://app.weekplan.net/cache.manifestUserWorkspaceSetting.js:64Uncaught TypeError: this.FilterByWorkspaces is not a function


The issue has been resolved.

My apologies.

I am the sole responsible for this issue. I run a deployment of a new version, got called somewhere else and didn't think of checking the new version. I went to sleep shortly after that and you had to wait that I wake up to get the issue fixed.

This is a process issue.

1. I should have checked that the deployment went through successfully.

2. Someone else in the team should have the ability to redeploy a production version.

I am going to change these things...

Listen, I've been with Weekplan for a while now and this is becoming a more common issue. It's a great tool and I like the idea, but I'm getting pretty tired of just about to go into a meeting and Weekplan is down and the majority of the time it's because a change wasn't tested correctly. I think your wonderful for making this, and bringing a tool to users that fills in the gaps of many scheduling programs, I just want stability.


I understand. WeekPlan has grown from being a pet project into a company product with a proper team and customers. Unfortunately it still has old habits that were ok for a pet project but not for a company product.

I am improving how WeekPlan is run over time to reduce the occurence of this kind of problem.

Today I have introduced the following changes:

1. Another developer now has access to production
2. Bug fixes and new features are worked on in two different versions so that we can deploy the urgent bug fixes without having to deploy the features.
3. New features will be tested by a dedicated tester in a test environment before being released to production.

Aymeric, thank you for taking the time to respond. It means a great deal.

I think the changes you have proposed make sense and I truly believe that this product is a good one.