Can't view calendar!

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Today, as of a couple hours ago, the calendar portion of my weekplan is gone! The horizontal bar says "Week: Jun 13, 2016," and the arrow is pointing down as though it is maximized, however there is nothing below it (no calendar, just the Goals and Parking lot horizontal bars). Not sure what the issue is, but it's persisted despite a few refreshes, browser restart (Chrome), and computer restart. Unfortunately this is making weekplan unusable, as I can't see any of my tasks for the week :\


Oops, I meant it says "Week: Jun 20, 2016." Also I got the white calendar space to show by going to Workspace Settings and then going back to the planner, but still all of my tasks are missing.

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Hi Laura, could you please try with a different internet browser to see if it has to do with that? Your account seems fine.


Hi Aymeric, thanks for the quick response. For some reason now it is working! Thanks.