Google Calendar times incorrect - Synced with Outlook

cms.269 4 years ago updated by Boo L. 3 years ago 16

I have my Outlook calendar synced with my Google calendar. I then have my Google calendar synced with WeekPlan.

The events on the Google calendar come over correctly.
The events on the Outlook calendar show in my Google calendar correctly.

However, the Outlook calendar events show up 4 hours late in WeekPlan.



I have the same issue. I have an Outlook calendar synced to Google. I select to Pull that calendar into WeekPlan, but all the times are +5 hours for me. My timezone is -5 (Central) right now, so I'm guessing it's making a mistake trying to adjust for time zone difference.


Is the timezone of the calendar set properly in Google Calendar? WeekPlan automatically detects your timezone and has correctly detected -5hours in your account

Yes all are set properly and Google calendar displays them correctly. Its only when pulled into Week Plan that the Outlook calendar is off by 5 hours. Other Google calendars are fine.

Interesting, my guess is that the timezone for these items is stored in a different place than we are looking. We will look into the logs.

Elliot, I looked at the event "Chiropractor" on the 22th of July but the times in WeekPlan seem to be the same as in Gcal.

1. Is that correct? Is "Chiropractor" correct in WeekPlan?

2. Could you please give the text of some events that are incorrect please?

1 - no that's the wrong calendar.

2 - any event with the word 'backlog' and 'scrum'

The fix is in place, could you please check to see if a new task gets sync'd properly?

Now I can't get that calendar to display in WeekPlan at all. Have removed, re-added, re-pulled, signed in and out.

Could you please retry? I have fixed another issue that happens on your data.

Yes, it appears to be working now.

Hi, weekplan has detected your timezone is -4 hours. Could you please check that Outlook and Google Calendar have the same timezone set?

Yes. Google is set to Eastern. So is Outlook 365.

The events from Outlook to Google show up correctly on the Google calendar. However, it is only the ones from Outlook that show up 4 hours late.

Could you please send me the text of some of the events with the wrong times in WeekPlan?

Sure. For today (July 23), there are 2 events. One is correct from my google calendar - test

One is incorrect - One on One. It should be 11am.

Screenshot of the google calendar for today. Green events are from Outlook.