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How do I delete a Board?





The option to delete a board is available now. 


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Under review

This is not possible at the moment. We will implement this in the future but we are working on higher priority items at the moment.


Hi Aymeric, I am evaluating different project management tools right now and week plan is one of my favorites. Very promising implementation of project management philosophy and fair pricing. Unfortunately all of my tested tools have cards or boards or tasks you cannot delete. (trello, meistertasks...) So things end up at best somewhere in an archive or recycle bin and stay there forever? I like to keep things tidy and piling stuff up I dont need anymore I try to avoid. Interestingly, the answer of the other portals is quite the same: future planned, working on stuff with higher priority... So I would like to bump a general delete feature for boards as higher priority so I am able to configure my workspace and try stuff and configurations without messing up my workspace too much...

thanks and best regards


Under review

We appreciate the suggestion. The more votes the idea gets the bigger possibility it will be in the roadmap in the future.

Under review

Hi there.

Thank you for sending this through.  We have this on our list though not a priority at the moment.  We apologize for the  inconvenience

I posted the following on another 'completed' request.

My first point is that this request should NOT be subject to a vote, to be implemented.  It is important for Enterprise customers especially.

My second point is that if the change is not implemented, for those that use boards, the system will become full of unused, misnamed, misplaced boards.  This is very messy and will be unacceptable to any professional organisation, and is enough reason to not use the system.

My third point is that this is a fundamental software design best practice:

Many business users will have this requirement.  This is a fundamental requirement for using any system.  In an enterprise environment with multiple teams and projects, there is an essential requirement to create/rename/delete/move boards. 

We have upgraded to company wide pro licenses.  It is a basic design requirement for any good software, that if you have the ability to create an item, you must also have the ability to rename, delete and move to another team.  It should not be a low priority with an indefinite time to fix.  This usually means it won't get done in any meaningful time frame.  Which would mean we would have to cancel all our company-wide pro licences.  This would be a great shame.  Please make this a high priority for your tech team.  This IS important.

I'm a new customer and I am profoundly disappointed to see this. It's just common sense user design that if you can create something, you can delete it. It's frustrating when learning software not to be able to correct any mistakes I make, such as when I was figuring out the best way to implement boards for myself. Why on earth is this not a priority?

Because you can simply ignore the boards you don't want to use. Or rename them to reuse them. Or rename them with a 'z' to be shown at the end of the list. 

There are more important things we need to work on, like "Android login doesn't work" than "delete board".

You can already archive workspaces (in the workspace settings).

For boards, it will come later. I believe it is a very low priority item. To reply to Ashoka's comment, you will at most have one useless board, which is manageable.



The option to delete a board is available now.