Please make the new layout optional!

Babak Seradjeh 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 21
The new layout sort of works on a large screen, but not so much on a smaller screen. Make it optional, please.
Also, in the new layout, I don't seem to be able to rearrange the roles or parking lot lists any more. 
You can now change the position of a role or list by editing it.
Agreed. I can't even use it anymore. I hope we can have an option to return to the old one and maybe work on a hybrid that could be beta tested before launching.
Under review
Could you please give me some examples of things you find are worse in the new layout?
I absolutely preferred the well-balanced structure of the previous lay-out, having a left hand view of the goals of the week. It felt way less stressy, more effectively guiding, and more uncluttered to have week goals at the left side on the screen, visually divided from the more specific day taks. I also liked to take a detour to the parking lot where we could put the more distant tasks and dreams.The 'virtual' distance from the parking lot helped to lessen the urgency-message of these tasks.
With the new lay-out, the whole screen is taken and white (the zen-pictures are now completely invisible). The lay-out now looks like an Outlook 8- inbox filled with unread messages - which induces unwanted stress! There are now to many tasks screaming to me (with no reassuring colors reminding me to balance my roles), the momentum color bars (or how you call them) are almost invisible (giving me 'less contact' with my roles) and I absolutely miss my Pending list in the week view (I just retrieved it in the parking lot). Looking at my short-term pending list now confronts me with all my longer-term goals, and this just induces stress. 
Please gives us the option to return to the old lay-out. The current one delivers too much information and let me lose 'grip' instead of promoting effectiveness. Thank you for making WeekPlan, but please let it not depart from its essentials (keep bigger goals in mind - while not losing structure and attainability). 
Ditto Sarah De Pauw. They reflect my problems with the new layout very well: too much white space, too much information in one place, no visual separation of substantially different sections (roles, tasks, parking lot). I'm almost visually paralyzed and confused each time I look at my screen now and have to make a substantial mental effort to see what I need to do around the page. The horizontal flow of the roles especially does not work for me. 
Thanks for the feedback Babak and Sarah.

I am reading your comments and thinking at how I can tweak things. I have already changed a lot of things based on everyone's feedback.

- Textbox at the top of the list
- Can change how many lists to show at the same time (you can choose to hide weekends)
- Pending list is now on the right hand side of the week
- Text in the tasks is a tad smaller so that they don't take as much space

I am still thinking about:
- momentum bars being too thin
- not enough separation between each section (week / goals / parking lot)
- too much information on the screen since parking lot is on the same screen




Thanks for your timely responses. The tweaks you mentioned are improvements. But they don't address the larger issue that's at the core of the problem with change of design (for me): The feel of the new layout is stressful. I don't think that will be addressed by any number of tweaks, unless they really change the visual feel of the layout. In fact, I'm not sure what the new layout is supposed to achieve. Could you please clarify that? What did you have in mind for this sudden change?
1. Many users use goals extensively to the point where having them on the side wasn't appropriate anymore.
2. More and more new users don't use goals of the week or the parking lot at all. With the new layout they can leave them collapsed an focus on the weekly planner.
3. Many users have a lot of tasks in their days . The old layout forced them to scroll inside the days to manage their days, or use the day view.
4. Scrolling inside the days is not easy on tablets. The device doesn't know if you are trying to scroll the whole page or only the list.
5. Some people don't use weekplan for weekends at all. With the new layout, they can only show 5 lists instead of 7.
6. With the new design, you can access your parking lot as easily as your week tasks. It makes your workflow a bit more fluent. The first version of weekplan was already like that, then the parking lot was moved to another screen. I just brought back the original concept.
7. The new layout renders faster because the lists that are not visible are not being rendered (they were being rendered in the old layout). The layout logic (columns) is done by the browser rather than by the code of the app. It means that mobile devices, tablets and slow notebooks will run weekplan more smoothly.

> What did you have in mind for this sudden change?

Although the change was sudden for you, I have been working on the new layout for two months, and had put it on a test environment that weekplan users could use and provide feedback. I have already applied a lot of the feedback I received.

I am yet to solve this "stressful" feeling you are expressing and that others have expressed. I am going to contact some professional interaction designers to ask for their advice there.


Thank you for taking our comments so seriously into account. I haven't found the option to show only 5 lists instead of 7 yet, so this might be a bit more straightforward implemented. I feel that it is absolutely better to have the pending list on the right, but I still have to scroll to see it, while I want to see it pinned. 

I fully understand the 'lots of tasks a day' argument and the scrolling issues on tablets. However, in the current lay-out, these long tasks per day lists push down the goals of the week totally out of view. I think the day view was a good working alternative if you'd wish to zoom into more detail, whilst maintaining an overview on your week and weekly goals. 

It would be really nice to have the option to 'customize' weekplan (where to place our week goals and parking lot), as there seems large heterogeneity in how people are using weekplan. Whether or not this customizing option would become available, I think the clear rationale of 'keeping goals in mind' and the more distinct 'parking lot' are the major assets of this software. These unique features (which were clearly translated in the visual design) make the big difference with simple, ubiquitous, and stressful because unending and unmanageable, 'to-do-lists'. 
1. I am thinking that maybe putting the goals of the week at the top, instead of the bottom could help with the "pushing down" issue you are talking about and it will help with keeping the goals in mind..

2. To change the number of days shown, please go to https://app.weekplan.net/#view=AccountSettings
I agree with all the problems people are having with the new layout and see that Aymeric is trying to address these issues. However, for myself and others, he has not answered the request you made in the beginning. Will the previous layout be made available. I am having to spend too much time with the new layout and with it being completely glitchy on tablets and phones, I can't afford the time to continue working with the new layout. So let me see if I can get a response here from Aymeric: Are you going to make the previous layout available?

At the moment, I am trying to make the new layout work. If I realize though stats that the usage drops because of it, I will definitely rollback to the previous layout. But this is my last option. First I want to keep improving the new one. 
Fair enough ..... Go Aymeric .... some time you got to stick to your guns...
I don't have the time to help Aymeric use me as a beta tester for a version of his app that is very flawed and totally unusable on my tablet and phone. I should of had the option to be a beta tester or not, but was not given the opportunity. From Aymeric's response, the answer is maybe on giving us access to the previous layout but he would rather not do so that he can use me to get all the bugs out of the new layout. No Thanks! I don't want to deactivate because I spent much time setting up my Week Plan and don't want to loose that work. However, I am going to request to go back to the free version and check back periodically to see if the new layout is much, much better or I have access to the previous version. Until then I simply cannot afford the time to use this app. :-(


I doubt your usage stats capture the quality of the usage. The quality has gone done significantly for me. When I started using weekplan a few weeks ago, I really liked the setup and the design. They brought out the important aspects of the "7 habits" thinking. My weekly goals for my roles were clear, nicely separated, and driving my whole plan. Now, they are just some other row that moves up and done depending on how many tasks I might have in my days. The roles are not effective drivers of my planning any more. The whole design looked focused and ready to use. Now everything is lumped together and stressful to work with. Design matters greatly. 

I paid for a PRO account on the day the new layout was rolled out (without warning to me), because I had really been enjoying your product. I'm not enjoying it any more in the new layout. If the only way you will realize the new layout doesn't work for (some) people is a drop in usage, I'm going to deactivate and go back to paper and pencil as before. But before doing that, I want to see if you'd still consider giving us a choice between the new and the previous layout. That sounds like a reasonable thing to do. If not, I'll choose to make better use of my time elsewhere.

Thank you!
Hi everyone,

I have implemented a small tweak that could help with some of your issues with the new layout:

If you go to your Account Settings, you can ask to have a max height on your lists.

What this will do is:

1.Make your weekplan look less stressful because like the previous layout, your long lists are hidden behind scrollbars within the days.

2. Will prevent your goals from being pushed down as you add more tasks in your week.

Could you please give this a try and tell me if that helps?
Hi Aymeric,

I turned it on and it's not helpful. The roles are still out of view and I need to scroll down to get to them. Overall, the page is still full of white space (the background picture is now pointless) and is a big lump of unrelated things arranged in rows.

Tweaks may eventually make this partially usable for someone like me. But, honestly, I don't want to spend my time testing these tweaks. I guess it was good while it lasted. I hope it'll keep working for others.

Hi Aymeric,

The max height of lists is an improvement, even though - also for me - the goals of the week remain still out of view. 
The issue that Babak highlighted that the "week goals are no longer visually steering the whole week plan" in this lay-out remains a fundamental one. I really think the previous lay-out was so much more effective. 
I have adapted the view only to weekdays, but this does not bring the pending list back to view. I have to scroll across the saturday-sunday columns before I can see it. Having the pending list as a "fixed post-it" across weeks was such a handy tool that I truly miss. I also think that there is still way too much white space in the current lay-out, making it too stressful. I also miss the colourful momentum bars.
I would still prefer to go back to the previous lay-out if you would make that available, or enjoy options to customize the weekplan to fit my personal needs and working style.

Another suggestion: in the top bar is indicated which workspace is activated (next to the WEEKPLAN logo). It would be great if you could choose your workspace at that place (cfr. a list popping out listing the multiple workspaces), instead of going to the ribbon with more advanced settings (Change workspace..). This might help to navigate more quickly across multiple workspaces, if you could just pick them from the list at top of the screen (if you understand what I mean).