All my information keeps disappearing!!

ecouch 3 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 years ago 13

Hi I love this scheduler but it keeps crashing on me. Right now I just returned to my computer and all details of my week are gone. No matter if I hit refresh or sign out it is all blank! How can I fix this???

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And now it won't let me sign in at all! :( :???

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I think you have logged in with a different email address than the one you started with. If you give me some examples of tasks you had, I can look for the original account for you.

Hi Aymeric

All tasks appeared after a while. It is that intermittently they all disappear for no reason. In addition to this I have one task going that is labeled 'Holly to do list' and it remains crossed out event through there are still active tasks under this grouping. I hope you can help. I really love this platform.


Regarding the "Holly todo list", I have uncompleted it for you.

When you click on the completed icon for this task, it will mark the next subtask as completed. When there is no uncompleted subtask, clicking on the complete icon will complete the parent task.

In this case I removed all completed subtasks and added new tasks but the parent task still remained complete.

On my other issue of data disappearing is there a internet browser that is best compatible with this product?

Do the tasks disappear often? Do you have an example of a task that disappeared? I could try to look for it...

It happens about once a week. All of the tasks disappear. It ends up being blank and sometimes showing Sunday column twice with no content.. The last time it happened the tasks all appeared in the monthly view but not in the weekly one.

Usually I have to leave it for an hour or so and they seem to come back.

Wow, that sounds very strange...

Does that mean that there is potentially no solution?

It means that I need more information to be able to reproduce it and then fix it. Maybe if next time it happens, could you please explain exactly the last few steps you took to get to a weird state? And maybe if you could open the Chrome console (F12, then Console tab) and see if there is any error (red message)?

Sure thing. I will do that!

Hi I am having trouble again with not being able to unmark tasks so they show are current. All subtasks are current. The popup icon with the mark as incomplete / complete does not appear when I click on the task. The task is titles Station Community Engagement Survey.

Can you please help?!

Could you please sned a screenshot where the complete icon is missing?