Manual procrastinate

  • actualitzat
  • Completat
I turned off auto-procrastinate because most of the time I have a task in multiple days (either using repetition or copying it by hand), since I need to do a bit every day to get it finished at some point. In those cases it makes no sense to get two copies of the same task in one day; I'd rather just leave the old one un-done in its original day to remind me I failed to do it.

However, now I miss the rest of the procrastinate feature :-) There's no way to mark that a task has been procrastinated a day or two, so when looking at old lists I won't be able to tell. It would be nice if I could mark that myself.

Suggested UI: simply marking a task done past its due day could flag it as procrastinated and move it to today — that is, if I click done in a task from yesterday, it moves to today with a “➦1” procrastination marker.