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apex6938 3 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 years ago 18

I have created new tasks and assigned times to them. However, it seems like they will randomly move themselves around to different times and days. This is the second day this has been happening and it seems like it is happening more and more frequently. It's a bit frustrating when I've spent half of my day trying to re-organize my tasks.


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Could you please show me an example of how tasks changed position? maybe two screenshots, one before and one after.



I am having the same problem. For example I put as a task ''Work'' I set it as ''lasts 4 hours, starts at 16:00'' and earlier I found it listed for Monday instead of Tuesday(when it was originally set as) So it went back a day for some reason and it became from 1AM til 5AM ... I've reset it 4 times already and it keeps changing on me.

Yesterday, if I made any changes to a task it would double it instead of editing the one I had, and when I tried to delete one of them it would give me an error...

While taking the screen shots I noticed other tasks had moved as well


Hope this helps and it can be fixed. I really love this planner but if the tasks change on us it makes it difficult to use :)
Thank you! :)


Thank you for your message and we sincerely apologize for the delay in response. We have been receiving a spike of support requests due to the recent changes.

We understand that you were having issues with the Week Plan.

There has been a recent update and other issues have been resolved which may have possibly resolved yours.

We would appreciate if you could reply as to confirm if you are still experiencing the same issues.

Kind regards,

Hi Jocelyn,

Yes - I actually experienced tasks moving sometime between this morning and this evening. However, this time, the scheduled time assigned to them remained the same. For example, a task I set for 7PM on Tuesday may have moved to Wednesday, but it remained at 7PM. Before, the task would move days and change times.

Thank you for looking into this!

1. Are you synchronized with Google Calendar?

2. Are you synchronized with the iphone app?

3. Is it a recurring task?


Thank you so much for your response and feedback.

I will be forwarding the issue to our tech department and will update you the soonest as I get a response.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Hello again,

I just wanted to add some more information with what I have been experiencing, in case it helps. I have not seen any regular tasks move the past couple of days, but I see it with recurring tasks. For example, garbage and recycling is being collected once every 2 weeks where I live and I always forget which week it is. So I set up a reminder for myself ''Monday: take recycling out. Recurring every 2 weeks, on Monday'' and ''Tuesday: take garbage out. Recurring every 2 weeks, on Tuesday'' I checked to make sure everything was fine (which it was) and carried on with my life. The next day I checked my week plan again and noticed it not said ''Monday: take recycling out.'' (which is fine) ''Tuesday: take garbage out.'' (which is also fine) But also ''Tuesday: take recycling out.'' (which makes no sens) and ''Wednesday: take garbage out'' (again this shouldn't be there.) So the tasks themselves didn't move, but they somehow duplicated and changed days on the duplicates.

Hope this was clear enough and that it was helpful.

Thank you again.


Just to confirm, you are not in sync with Google Calendar right?

Nope, Not in sync with anything, just on the Week Plan website directly.

Another question: do you use the iphone app?

No, this is straight on the website, on my desktop computer. I just discovered Week Plan recently and I was trying it out to see if it fit my needs before commiting more fully.

I have set up my account the way you described the issue. I will wait tomorrow to see if I get the same result. Did you set a time on the problematic tasks?

I didn't get any duplication when I tried to reproduce your scenario. Let me know if you can find other steps you take that trigger this issue. Thanks!

Update on my moving tasks - it seems like they've stopped jumping around and are staying in place! Something worked on my end. Thanks so much!! :)