Will there ever be a Mac App Desktop Version?

HeshArt 3 years ago updated by Geeta 6 months ago 26

Love the idea, but will there be a real desktop Version, i just like to a have seperate App to organize all my stuff, and in case of slow Wifi.

Under review

A native macosx app is not part of our roadmap. We will add it if enough people ask for it.


Add my vote for a Mac OSX app.

I vote for one... right now I am using my friends computer (I own a macbook pro) and my phone and for some reason my phone app is only working sometimes but I think weekplan is the bomb and exactly what I need to keep me organized enough to actually get things done that I want to do. I am still on the trial version but will be purchasing it as long as I can make sure it will work for me in every aspect that I need it to... I am learning everyday new things it does that I am wanting. I am hoping the phone issue is just a matter of some sort of setting that I need to change.

Hi there! 

Thank you for voting on this.

We do not have this on our priority list at the moment but keep the votes coming. :)

Regarding your phone app, may we ask what's not working? Perhaps you can give us a screenshot for reference? 

We'll be more than happy to check this further.  You may submit a ticket (in private) if you are not comfortable sharing the screenshot in this post.

Looking forward to your response!

I posted in another thread about the whitescreen on the phone after I posted here. You have it listed as under review I believe so I am knowing it will be resolved soon.

Thank you for letting us know.

We have responded to your other post. We have informed our dev team and waiting for their feedback. :) 

The white screen just happened to me yesterday! 

Add my vote—Internet access is spotty where I live!

Add my vote as well. I have the windows version, but I also want to have the same one for the MAC, particularly because is my primary tool for work.


Thank you for voting on this.

This may not be on our priority list but I'll share this to our dev team and founder for review.

Add my vote for a Mac app!  The lack of a native mac app makes me really hesitant to pay so much for a service that isn't capable of being any more than a web app on my mac.  Especially when I had a terrible experience with crashing or not opening on my android several months ago leading me to quickly ditch it.  It appears to have undergone some updates, but I'm not very encouraged to spend a large sum just to re-try something that never worked the first time on my phone and has no native app for my computer.  Fix the phone issues and add a mac app and I would likely be a lifelong subscriber because I love the idea behind it and all of the features.  Too bad I blew my free trial by ditching it too soon when the android app didn't really work. 

I want to use this app but the fact that it doesn't have a Mac app is virtually the only thing from keeping me from doing so. I don't want to have to use several different apps for different Apple devices, things get messy and confusing which is ironic given the purpose of the app. Please, please add my vote and please take into consideration that if you make an app available on one type of Apple device and people enjoy it, and more importantly, find your app provides exactly what people are looking for, making your app available across all Apple devices will keep your customers subscribing to your app and bring many more Apple users to your service. 

Bottom Line: The requests from all the users voting for the Mac app should definitely adjust your plans (timeline, too!). It just makes sense.... I will be subscribing as soon as there is a Mac app (and hopefully one that syncs well with iOS).

I should have checked that this was mac friendly before I spent the last hour with it-so sad to read "its not part of your roadmap" to have a mac app. I teach at the college level in the art department and MAC dominates there...and at home as well. I guess Im going to have to go back to the internet and find something different....it was very user friendly for whatever that is worth.

Under review

Hi, Rusty!

Thank you for sharing your insight on this.

This is not on top of our list at the moment, but we'd be happy to review this request again.

This has a ton of votes (relative to the other issues). If I were you I'd just ship an Electron app and be done with it. 


We are currently working on bringing a mac app :)


this is why i am paying for the app. you build a great product, you have a vision and you listen to your customers...

this is fantastic news! when will it be ready, Aymeric?

I have asked the developer responsible for it to continue working on it. I don't have any ETA

I vote for a MAC app. It would be good to have a local operation when access is limited either by location (i.e. plane. rural area) or restrictions on the Internet at various companies

Try working on this, should happen within a week.



WeekPlan App for MAC is available now. You can download the app from the website https://weekplan.net/ Apps section in the footer.