How do I change my username?

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I would like to change my username but the text box is greyed out. How can I change it?


Very fast. It was taken care of right away.

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What username do you want, I'll do it for you.

CalKnudsen would work fine. Thank you for the quick response.

Please change my username from "lernlink" to "Guido Hornig"

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.  Your  request   has been  forward and   you will be updated  once  done.

Have a great day.

Your  request has been  processed and your    username  changed.

Have a great day.

Hi can you change my username? I Made a mistake and now can't change it :( Is should be ArcyMag

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out.

The Font is applied to the tasks only.

You can change the username by going to the Account Settings, then click User profile.

If you are unable to do this on your end, please send us a private ticket with the old username, new username and email address associated with your account. W e will update your profile on our end.

To submit a ticket, just go to the bottom page of our website and click "Submit Ticket" as shown on the clip below.