Need custom & stop watch timer

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Left comment below in quotes in timer area of knowledge base... I am currently evaluating weekplan software. I really like the it great job but your main differentiator over standard task / calendar programs like Google calendar I think is the timer integration, which for me needs a custom length timer and stop watch as I don't prefer 25 mins Pomodoro and I keep missing the alarms with no popups when my headphones are plugged in but not on my head so having to manually enter the times after missed alarms.

"Where do I make feature requests? I love your software but I don't like 25 minute Pomodoro. First the alarm is too quiet. Need a custom alarm as it keeps running out and I miss the alarm if I take my headphones off. Need a popup as well in case headphones plugged in. Need custom length Pomodoro and a stopwatch timer. I prefer to work for an hour or two... and take a short break when I feel like it, not every 25 mins. Right now I am having to use a second timer outside weekplan then have to manually enter the time... which is very clunky and not reliable... so this is the biggest negative for me with this software. Please add a custom timer and stopwatch! Currently using the Focus Booster timer which can go much higher."