Subtask, Attachment and Comment Backups

james 3 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 years ago 6

I first used the pro version of WeekPlan last year.

When a lost most of my tasks doing a restructuring of boards (as appears to have happened to others as well) I gave up on a good tool due to reliability concerns.

I'm trying again but have a fear of losing all the content so I'm doing a daily CSV backup of my workspace.

The issue is as I review the backups I find that it is only the top level tasks.

No subtasks, attachments or comments.

I would like a way to backup all content (maybe a zip file) so that I don't lose data again.

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Hi James, 

I understand your concern and trust issue is a big problem for a task management tool.

1. Generally when users report having lost tasks, they signed up on a different account, have filtering enabled, or the tasks are not showing in the tool for some reason (but the tasks still exist). I would love to check your old account to see if I can find the tasks you said you lost if you remember any?

2. We don't have a solution in place for this level of backup yet and I can't provide you with one in the near future because all our resources are focused on releasing the new version of WEEK PLAN which you can test here: http://next.weekplan.net (feedback welcome)

james via email 3 years ago

I have only ever had one account the one I am using now which is associated to my james@jttacj.com email address.

The problem occured when multiple boards were introduced to the parking lot.

I setup several boards and moved most of my lists from the Parking Lot to the new boards.

As an example in the "Just Me" workspace I created the "Self" board and moved seven lists from "Parking Lot" to self.

After the move all the tasks were gone.

For example the "Books to Read", "Bucket List" and "Sites to Visit" lists all had entries in the double digits.

Would love to have the data back.


So I found some orphan tasks in your account. 

I have created a 'From Limbo' list in the 'Just me' workspace and the 'Personal Planner' workspace and moved the orphan tasks there (108 tasks and 30 tasks).

Please let me know if they are the tasks you lost?

james via email 3 years ago

I can't confirm it is all of them because it has been a long time but yes that is certainly many of the tasks that wen't missing.