Rave Review & Some Suggestions

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LOVE WEEKPLAN!  When I first got it, didn't think I'd really use it - I was wrong - it integrates the many things I used several apps for, e.g., the Focus Timer and Eisenhower quadrants!

Two suggestions:

1) I love the subtask feature - it makes your To Do list "uncluttered" because it shows it one at a time under the main task - that is really unique and a GREAT FEATURE!

I have certain daily routines that I have daily routine subtasks for - but they don't carry over to the next day - I have to uncheck them as done for the day or move the due date and still uncheck them to have them again - would be great to have recurring tasks with their associated recurring subtasks.

2) Love the Focus Timer - wish there was a way it would not automatically restart once it is finished.

Boo L.
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Hi there,

Thank you for   feedback :)  We do appreciate it as  it helps  us work on improving  the  app further.

Feel  free to   reach out  anytime .

Ana Loraine
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