Keep hiding the completed tasks even after I refresh the page.

dn4313 3 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 16

Keep hiding the completed tasks even after I refresh the page.

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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.  May we  just clarify are you having issues with keeping the    completed task hidden or  do you want them to  show after you refresh the plage?


the previous one:)

I want to keep the completed tasks be hidden if I've hide them once :)

Thanks for your reply

Hi! I join for this request. Thank you.

Hi there! 

Thank you for voting on this suggestion. 

We do not have this on our priority list but we have this noted and we will wait for more input from other users


The completed section for me continually and almost immediately re-opens after closing. For no apparent reason. Sometimes it will stay closed, but very often it just pops open again after closing. Super annoying!

Hi there!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

May we ask for you to provide a screenshot or a video clip for reference? We are more than happy to check this further.

Thanks for that. I've put a screen capture of the issue here.

Note the problem also happens on the tablet version on Android, but appears to be more consistent / annoying / persistent (I also don't know how to film that).

Hi there!

Thank you for sending that through.

I am unable to replicate this on my end. May we know which browser you are using?


The compressed list of completed tasks opens up when you click on a task on current day (because you want to go inside a task and edit it).  It's really annoying.

+1 for modifying this so that completed tasks remain non-visible unless you positively click the down arrow to reveal them.

Thank you for the response.

May I ask if this is still happening on your end with the version 2.7?

We try replicating this on our end, but we are unable to. Here's a clip for reference:

I am having this issue too - I try to hide the completed tasks to clear up real estate so I can see what I still have to work on, but the second I click away it re-expands the completed list. Thanks for looking into this :)

Hi Dan!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

May we ask which browser you are using and for a screenshot or a clip for reference? We use Gyazo for creating the clip above.

Hi Dan,

We are sorry to hear this,  We are unable to replicate the issue but if you may send us a screenshot, we'd be happy to check on this for you.




Still happening. I use the stand-alone desktop exe:

Mar 26 2018 9_23 AM.webm

Best Jörg

PS My ideas in my other thread will come, eventually ;)


Thank you for bringing sending this through.

I will forward this to our dev team for further checking.

Thank you for understanding.