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Events are duplicated in Google Calendar

edshamis 3 years ago updated by Geeta 9 months ago 12


I have set several calendars to pull and one to push. The last one now duplicates all the events from all calendars.

Do you know this behaviour? 

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Our apologies if we missed this ticket.

Please feel free to reach out if you are still needing assistance. 

We are more than happy to assist you!

This just happened to me! I also set up multiple pulls and one push.

Can you fix? Thanx!

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that, Our dev team is working on this and it will be fixed asap. Thank you for understanding!


Dev Team

I am in my trial -- second day. I added my calendars to the app, and the one that was set to "push" as well as "pull" created duplicates of many (but not all) events. So now I'm having to manually delete them. I've removed synchronization with google calendar as a result. Which means I'm not sure I can use this app.... which is a shame because I like the task management and prioritization aspect. I just can't have it messing with my CALENDAR, which is something I rely on heavily and need to be *accurate*. 

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out.

We are sorry to hear about this. We'll be more than happy to check this further.

May we know where the duplicate tasks are reflecting? Is it on the Week Plan web version or your synced calendars?

Also, may we request for a screenshot of those duplicated tasks + your Google Calendar sync settings?

We'll wait for your response!

I added the calendars via the web (chrome, Mac), and they synced on the Week Plan web app and my google calendar. I've switched it back, so the sync settings won't be helpful. (Note: I did have it checked to "Push edited tasks from other calendars (Google/Outlook Calendar Synchronization)" on the Week Plan General Settings menu.

I can't share a screenprint because the information is personal, but I can say that all duplicated tasks/events were attributed to the ONE calendar I had marked as both pull AND push. That calendar was my private "Health" calendar, which I use to track events related to my health and fitness. (All other calendars I left as only PULL because I wasn't sure what it meant to 'push' an event, and my Health calendar is the calendar with the least events; I figured it would have the least impact if I didn't need to 'push' anything.)

Week Plan duplicated tasks to my Health Calendar. It duplicated tasks associated with ALL other calendars (including Health). It duplicated all other calendars' tasks if those tasks were a) recurring, and b) had a set time. Meaning, it did not duplicate any tasks/events that were one-time events, nor any that were recurring to a day. For example, a weekly meditation event held at 7pm was duplicated, but credit card payments and birthdays (set to a day of the month but no particular time) were not duplicated.

Also: Week Plan duplicated all recurring, set-time tasks from the past. Because I like to keep a clean calendar, I have to manually remove its duplications going back several years.

The piece of this that most alarms me is that it duplicated events across shared calendars. What if I had marked a shared calendar as "push" -- would Week Plan have duplicated my personal calendar events into that shared calendar???  

That would have been not only embarrassing, but disastrous. For example, I have a shared "custody calendar" with my ex husband for our child. What if Week Plan had duplicated all my recurring personal appointments and work meetings -- past and present -- into the calendar I share with him? A potential disaster.

Still not fixed? I had the similar problem, also reported it last year with detailed info but no progress. 

Would love to use this product, but not with bugs in basic functionality, lack of progress and communication, and no offer in exchange for taking the trouble of reporting a bug and having to fix the consequences.

We have recently deployed synchronization fixes. May we ask to disconnect and connect the calendar again. Let me know if it still not work. 

Your patience is highly appreciated and thank you for understanding, 

After disconnecting-reconnecting the problem disappeared! Thx

But now an other problem surfaced. Existing task (before disconnecting) are not synced to google calendar. Only when I change something to them. I can workaround for now because I did not enter many tasks.

Feedback on dealing with bugs: I understand that bugs occur (I'm a software developer myself) and that it can take time to fix (difficulty or time constraints), but I also know that people seldom report a bug for a system which they are trying out, they will just drop it and find something else. Something like a bug bounty or offering a couple of months of free use would motivate these people, especially as your application is rather expensive. I've already noticed a couple of minor other bugs...

Problem is not solved yet.... Some non-repeating events from pull-only calendars are also pushed to the dedicated pull/push weekplan calendar (which I meant for weekplan created events only).

Can you fix this ASAP? thx. 

Hi Chris, 

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. I forwarded this to Dev to look into on urgent basis. We will fix it asap. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.