Make a 'vision-board' available on the 'vision' page for us visual people

Aymeric (Founder) 8 years ago updated by Michal Plaček 5 months ago 20


A vision board is now available in the Envision page. Please do leave me some feedback if you want something specific. 


What do you mean, 'vision-board' ? I am confused about what you mean. Can you post additional specifics about this topic?


I think the user who suggested that wants to be able to attach pictures to their goals.

I was just thinking the same thing, actually! I LOVE Weekplan, but was thinking it would be great to add a "vision board" to our Vision Tracker page: https://app.weekplan.net/#view=Vision

A "vision board" is basically a collage of your goals. Here's an example I found on the web: http://www.empowernetwork.com/mizzcollier/files/2012/11/2012-vision-board-1.jpg It would be great if we were able to upload an image to the Vision Tracker page.


Hi Carol, 

I am working on a vision board. The first version will be very simple and won't allow for image uploads but it will improve overtime. The vision board would help you list your goals and see the big picture.

This is a sample screenshot:

Hi Aymeric - I don't know if we are still on version 1 of the Vision Board (Or, for me, the Action Board), but I was able to paste an image into a note on the board with no trouble:

I love the changes you've made throughout, and appreciate your hard work here! Sub-tasks and the Parking Lot are awesome!

Wow I didn't know you could copy paste image in my own software! :)

That's wonderful, Aymeric. Thank you for your hard work! 

Vision board would be cool.

That's really great - thanks!   you're really doing some cool stuff with this that I haven't seen with other planners/goal setting apps.   Keep up the good work!

The vision tracker cards won't allow me to enter text on them when I am using Safari.  I just updated to OSX Mavericks, but have not tried the cards before.  When I tried them in Chrome it worked beautifully.

I love this tool.  I found Covey over 20 years ago and have been looking for the longest time for a tool like this.  

Thank you.

Ok Jana, I will try to fix it without having access to a Mac. I will buy the new Mac on the 15th of November when the new models are available for sale and it will be easier to fix this kind of thing.

Thank for reporting the issue, I am on it!

Thank you!  I'm looking at those new macs too.  Perhaps I will just stuff some more memory in this one though.  Save a couple $$

Vision board in the app please
Anna, do you find the Vision Board useful? People are complaining it doesn't work properly and I am considering removing it from weekplan altogether...
Is it possible to disable the vision board? Would be nice to remove the big square above all the content for us that doesn't use it :) (for some reason it doesn't seem to work in Chromium running on Arch Linux)
I have noted your request and will address it as a low priority item at the moment. I am looking for a new developer, so that might be a good little improvement to give him to work on :)
A vision board is now available in the Envision page. Please do leave me some feedback if you want something specific. 


Hi Aymeric, is still avalaible this "vision-board" ? I can't find it... Maybe this topic is old and it's not relevant. Thanks for answer