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Weekplan 2, Month not available

jalenann 3 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 11

The only complaint I have so far about the second version of weekplan, compared to the first, is that viewing your entire month is unavailable.

Web app

Not only that, in the second version there are no arrows showing up to move the weeks forward and backwards.


You can navigate by clicking on the week title.

Thanks, did not realize that, but found it now :).

Hi there,

Thank you for  reaching out.  You may   find the navigation  arrows  here:

Please   feel  free to reach  out should you need anything  else  :)

Under review

We are going to implement the month view.

Hmm... have been playing around with the new version's navigation arrows and may I humbly suggest that it is  not the most intuitive or user friendly method to navigate through the weeks? There is a large white space to the right of the new interface: having the navigation arrows there as well as in the week drop down would be terrific. In the new system, it takes the user two clicks to select the drop down menu and then select the navigation arrows. The former version is a simple one click to use.


We appreciate  the  feedback and   will definitely take note  of  this.  Please  feel free to  reach out should you have other  suggestions  that you feel  will  help you better  utilize the new version.

Have a  great day.


We are planning to add the arrows on each side of the week title but there are other pressing issues at the moment

Another suggestion for the new version is that when one selects a specific date from the week drop down calendar, that date could be highlighted when one lands on the week that contains the date. Currently, it takes you to the week but does not highlight the date that you clicked on from the week dropdown..


Thank you and this is noted.