How do I get the daily emails again?!

Marlene Dalton 8 ár síðan updated by Grace 5 ár síðan 4

I accidentally clicked on Unsubscribe, and now I don't get the wonderful email reminders in the evenings....

How can I get the daily reminders again?

Hi Marlene,

You can find the Workspace settings page in the menu "Workspace: Just me", there is a little pen icon. 

I also stopped receiving the daily reflection emails, which I enjoy very much. How can I reactivate? I tried unsubscribing and unchecking the box, but nothing? 

I have changed the code to only send the daily reflection emails every friday, last month I received a bill of $250 just for the emails :(

What I will do is offer two options: free option for Fridays only, and paid option (in the pro plan) for daily email.

What do you think?