Duplicate tasks appearing randomly

asph 7 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 1 year ago 16

When I am dragging and dropping tasks they randomly duplicate themselves and sometimes even overwrite other tasks when doing so! I have instances where I see each task on a day has duplicated itself 3 times. 

I love weekplan, but this is really annoying and making it unreliable. Suggestions/bugfixes will be really appreciated.

PS: I am not using any modifier keys while dragging the tasks, and I am on Chrome.



Do you have recurring tasks in your week?

Yes, I have two recurring tasks which are set to re-occur weekly. 

Sorry for taking so long to come back to you. The bug should not happen anymore. Something I have noticed when dragging a recurring task is that it shows a duplicated task while dragging and when I drop the task the duplicated task disappears. 

Thank you very much. Indeed, the random duplication of tasks happen less often now. However, it still does; for instance, when I complete a task, sometimes it remains at its current location in the list (instead of moving itself to the bottom), and if I drag another task in this situation it duplicates itself. I am not entirely sure, but I think sometimes the tasks do not only get copied but also overwrite each other. I will try to get a screencast for you if I can find time this week.

Duplications are a bug in our drag and drop code. If you refresh, the list should show the correct tasks. If you figure out a way to reproduce the issue, please let me know, it will greatly help me.

By the way, I am using Weekplan zoomed out (in Chrome); perhaps this could be related to the issue. 

This is still an issue for me. I can't reproduce it regularly, but their must be a workflow that causes it because I find it happens about two times a week.


And if you refresh the page the duplicate disappears?

They do, but this makes managing my week more confusing and tricky.

Are the tasks from gcal, or repeating?

Repeating. I have not integrated gcal.

Ok we are going to do more testing around that area.

Hi there!

Please let us know if you are still having this issue. We'll be more than happy to assist you!

This is happening for me as of the last 3 days. I am using in Google Chrome on a PC desktop at work.

Hi, Suzie!

Thank you for reaching out. We are more than happy to check this further

May we ask for a screenshot of these duplicated task for reference?

As we understand some contents of your calendar cannot be shared on this thread, you may send them through a private ticket.

Here's how: https://i.gyazo.com/6006fd5cb54b74f237b2cb3cb19ff286.gif

We'll sit tight and wait for your response.