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I'm a pro user of weekplan.
I've got a problem with syncing to Google calendar- I've got several calendars that are marked as pull in the settings - I see them in the weekplan view and that's fine. But when I mark one calendar as push - it's displayed in Google calendar with all the events from pulled calendars. 
I'd expect pushed calendar to display only tasks I created in Weekplan app.
What do you think?

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Under review

Hi there! 

Thank you for reaching out. 

 "Pull" is to download events from Google Calendar. "Push" is to send tasks from WEEK PLAN to Google Calendar.

If you have multiple calendars pulled to your workspace, then all data will be pushed as part of one Weekplan to those calendars. Selecting  specific tasks to be pulled is not available at this moment. 


Sorry, but it makes no sense - why to push back what i pulled before? I want to push only things I created in weakplan! 


Our apologies for the confusion.

Rest assured, our team is working on a function which allows users to enable/disable pushing edited tasks from other calendars. 

We are finalizing the details before making this available. 

Thank you for understanding. 

When do you expect it to be out?


Hi Ed,

Sorry for the delay, if you may check on this please:  http://support.weekplan.net/forums/4-knowledge-base/topics/3316-how-to-save-calendar-synchronization-settings-for-a-workspace/

It may help to uncheck the Checkbox Push edited task in the Workspace settings.

Let us know if that helps.



Thank you for letting us know. 

May we ask for you to try unmarking the this option from your workspace's team setting? 

Also. can you please let us know if this is still happening with the new events? 

This function will not apply to the old events that are created before this became available. 


Same behavior with this option unmarked. When I create a new event in polled calendar it's still dublicated in the pushed calendar. 

Hi! Any news about this bug?

Under review

Hi there! 

We are sorry to hear that you are still having this issue.

Upon checking, this is supposed to be solved under Version 2.63 that was released as an update last week. 

May we ask if the ones you see on your calendar are recently added entries? If so, may we ask for a screenshot? Our dev team will be more than happy to check this further. 

We appreciate your patience. Looking forward to your response!


Yes, it still duplicates new entries. Check it out


Under review

Thank you for sending that through!

I shared this to our dev team for further checking and we are waiting for their feedback. 

Still the same problem. Does anyone really work on it?

Hi there! 

Our sincerest apologies for the long wait.

I have forwarded this to our dev team and they are still trying to replicate the issue. 

Thank you for understanding. 


Good day.

We have made few update with the web app recently. 

Please feel free to reach out if you are still having this issue.

Have a great day!