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1. Is it possible to include the unscheduled high impact tasks into the searching results? At the moment is given only a note about more results but not the concrete task. (In Version 1 was that realized)

2. Is it possible to mark in color the searching results for completed tasks and pending tasks? (to distinguish)


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Ana Loraine
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Hi there! 

Thank you for reaching out. 

The search results from the "Sidebar" shows the unscheduled high impact task.

However, it can only capture the color of the role assigned to the task. 

You can use the filter function instead:


Sorry, but it is not correct: See here my unscheduled high impact task (not planned in any week):

And now the result of search function (The filter shows "all"):

It would be nice to see the concrete link like this example:

That Task is in unscheduled task AND planned in this week. Therefore the link is in search result. But not the unplanned tasks. Thats what I meant.


The idea to work with Filter is good but the solutions with search function is better because the search function also includes contents of the tasks in the search, which the filter function does not do.