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When I add a task with a role in Goals section or through "Add task" under a date in a Week strip it doesn't appear in Unscheduled high impact tasks in the Schedule section.

edshamis 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 7

When I add a task with a role in Goals section or through "Add task" under a date in a Week strip   it doesn't appear in Unscheduled high impact tasks in the Schedule section. 

I would expect all the tasks associated with a role to appear in the corresponding role section.  

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Hi there!

Thank you for your inquiry.

The tasks created under the Goals section will reflect on your workspace after you have selected a date and a week. However it will not reflect under the Unscheduled High Impact Task section, where those unscheduled tasks are created under a role.

I'm struggling with this too.  Not only with regard to the HITs not appearing in the roles section, but also with regard to the relationship between the Goals section and Roles section.  It's been a while since I've read 7 Habits, and I understand the concept of working on HITs across roles in any given week.  However, to me, the primary way to organize and think about HITs is in relationship to Goals.  As such, I'd like to have Goals featured on the main workspace (in an accordion further down the screen) and the two main areas for me to create and organize HITs (and sub-tasks) would be in the context of Goals and in the context of the calendar.  The Roles would be secondary in nature, and if I wanted to have a check to see how well I'm doing at working across roles in any given week, then perhaps I could do that via some kind of filter and/or alert.


Thank you for reaching out and for your feedback.

Our team will update the Goals Section soon. I will share this with them for consideration.


Goals are an area we are going to improve.

Right now there is some confusion around the user interface, I will try to explain.

Vision -> Goals > HITs > Subtasks

0. You define your vision in the vision tracker

1. You create a goal

2. You can create a HIT for that goal

3. You pick which week you want to start working on that HIT (note that it is different than scheduling in a specific day). This is at the week level, to determine when the HIT should show in the Unscheduled High Impact Tasks section.

3. You can decide to schedule that HIT into your week by dragging from "Unscheduled High Impact Tasks" into the Schedule.

4. Alternatively you can create more subtasks. There is no way right now to directly schedule a subtask directly from the planner view. You have to edit the parent HIT, and then click on the subtask to be able to set the date. Not ideal I agree.

Potential improvements:

- Maybe we should allow to pick a goal when you add a task in the "Unscheduled High Impact Task" to make things a bit easier.

- Make it clearer that the cells on the right in the Goals module help determine when to show a HIT in the planner

- Allow to drag subtasks

Showing goals in the planner

I believe adding yet another section in the planner would clutter it. Goals are not updated as often as HITs or tasks. Instead we could show a light overview of the goals progress (example an icon for each goal and the % completion) to keep it simple. 

Alternatively we could make it much easier to navigate to the Goals. Instead of coming from an hidden menu, we could show all the modules icons on the left end side like this screenshot:

Thank you for the feedback.

One basic thing is not working as you say above: the HITs that I schedule in the Goals window are not appearing in my Unscheduled Tasks in the calendar view. This is why I've been frustrated. Maybe it's not working the way you think it is (there is a bug), or I am not seeing them for some reason.

I think all of your ideas are on the right track, and if you implement them all, I'll be very happy.

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out.

May we ask for a screenshot of these entries that are not appearing in your schedule?

You may submit this via a private ticket if there are details you can't share here.

Looking forward to your response!