What's the best way to separate personal tasks and goals from work/company tasks and goals?

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I am sure that this was a key focus when the app was designed but I;m not sure which approach is recommended.

1. Should I set myself up with two roles (i.e. me at work and me at home?)

2.  Should I have a separate account altogether?

3.  Should I set up a separate board? 

What is the recommended approach?

I don't want to change all of my personal tasks and then find out later that there is a flaw with the approach I took (and then need to fix it all again). 

I'd love a way to just switch between work tasks at the office and then looking at my personal tasks when I get home from work and want to get stuff done. 

BTW, great software.  It's the only app like this that includes the Pomodoro technique.  That was a key feature for me.  Fantastic!!


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Hi there! 

Thank you for reaching out.

We are glad to hear that you like the features of our app. :)

You can create a role for each division of task (personal, work, exercise, family member, etc.). This way the tasks will appear colour r coordinated on your workspace.

I you do not want to see all these tasks altogether in one workspace, you can create another workspace as shown on the screenshot below. You can add invite colleagues if you want to share the management of the calendar.

Please feel free to reach out if you have other questions or concerns.

Have a great day!

Hi Ana,

I did not get the process to create separate workspaces. Could you please list the steps?

I currently use Roles to separate Work & Personal. But there are multiple roles within my work profile and multiple persons within my family life. So I ended up with 7 roles over my head. The simple distinction between work & personal got lost in that. Separating work & personal into 2 workspaces and using the roles relevant for each workspace profile looks exciting to me.

I guess I don't have to buy WP twice to be able to do this. I do not have teams collaboration for my work tasks in WP, so I won't be using the workspace sharing to others. I just intend to use both myself, for better handling of both with ease.

~ Thuraga

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Hi Thuraga,

Thank you for reaching out.

Here are the steps for creating new workspaces:

1. Click the drop down menu for selecting workspace: 

2.. Select "Add team"

3. Fill out the Name for your new workspace.  You also have an option to enter the email address of the users you want to share the workspace with.