Awesome v2.67

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Today morning clicked refresh in the same logged in browser and noticed it loaded a new version UI (v2.67?) and there is a sea of difference.

Its simple awesome.

  • the animations, the open tasks dancing before my eyes seducing me to grab them. What more motivation you can get in morning to work. Tell my personal hats-off to the developer or creative mind who designed that.
  • the better-looking cards
  • ability to just tick tasks for completion right from main screen without having to
  • the thermometer (or you call it the "neglect bar"?) after each role title
  • the new compass icons instead of checkboxes for colored tasks
  • the bigger sized (breadth) current day in week

Loved all, folks.

I wish horizantal bar should be visible all the time, even if if I have a long list of things for Sunday, I still want to scoll-right and move/add things to Saturday. I shouldn't be forced to first scroll-down to the bottom on Sunday to then scroll-right.

Web app

My Gmail and Phone Calendar is updating in Weekplan  faster.  Thank you!  My biggest issue with Weekplan is that I have multiple sources of information for my scheduling and this is supposed to be the one place everything is visible.  The speed at which updates were happening across platforms was annoying, for example my work schedule is in a proprietary software for medical office.  I linked it ot my gmail and then to weekplan.  But my patient schedule was duplicating and cancellations were not showing up for 24 hours making my weekplan unreliable. This new version is so much faster and better.  

My suggestion is to continue to spend time focusing on speed of cross platform updates.  Thank you so much

Aymeric Founder
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