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Time block should be removed once task is completed

timlloyd 2 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Ana Loraine 2 jaar geleden 3

I'm not very well organised (that's why I use Weekplan :)) ... so sometimes I end up completing a task which I had time blocked for later that day.

But the time block stays visible, which makes adding other tasks / events there messy.

Seems to me that, once a task / event is completed, its block should either be removed or greyed out substantially.

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You should probably move the task to represent where it got done

Why? Is the plan meant to be retrospective? The recent change to hide prior days in the week by default suggests that it isn’t.

Perhaps the task could be automatically moved based on the time it was completed? I’d rather not have to update it manually when I could be getting on with high impact tasks ;)

It’s a minor frustration; I’m being picky because I like the app.


Hi there!

Thank you for the response.

The plan is meant to help you become efficient by adhering to your planned schedule. That is why there's no function to automatically move the task to the time when it's completed ahead.

We appreciate your feedback. We have considered this as a suggestion and wait if other user will vote on this idea and we can consider adding this function. :)