Google Drive Integration

Michael Maddux fa 7 anys updated by robert.hudman fa 2 anys 6

Since you are already integrating with Google and you have an area within a task to upload files, it would be pretty handy if you allowed users to associate files within Google Drive to their WeekPlan task.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for yoru feedback. I think it is a good idea but Google Drive isn't popular enough yet to put this suggestion on top of the list. I will monitor the vote count to help me prioritize it.

Please add this!! it's popular enough now!!


Hi there! 

Google drive is listed in Zapier, you may try synchronizing it with your calendarby following the steps on this page: http://support.weekplan.net/forums/4-knowledge-base/topics/3232-integrations/

I don't believe this is the type of integration people would be seeking.

I'd like to get this one up and running again to see if there is interest. 

Google Drive (and Google Services) is fast becoming the standard now and I would suggest that a Google Drive integration into the "attachments" sections of tasks is a reasonable ask. 

@Aymeric - can you have another thinking about this please?