Add "percent completion" to tasks on the mobile iphone app

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Sorry for bombarding you with feedback, but I am definitely relying on the system so am very engaged at this point. Basically, I use an iphone x, and i want to migrate as much of my work from my laptop to my iphone as possible. Calendar planning and task management is the type of work that would be MUCH more effective on my mobile, since i could add, delete, modify etc. tasks in small fragmented bits on the go, as ideas come into my head and as i take phone calls, etc. This way i would not have to be sitting at a desk to stay organized.

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Ana Loraine
  • Under review

Hi there!

No worries! We greatly appreciate that your taking your time to reach out for your suggestions.

Rest assured, that we have forwarded this to the ios developer to look into this. 

Although, we cannot say if this will be included on the next update.