colors too strong- thumbs up for working on improving the app!

Kamut 2 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 9

new version 3.Jajnuary: the blue /red an shiny shadows for important/ urgent tasks  are too much for me ...nice to navigate to next week by one cklick! Thanks for always working on improvement!


Agree. Latest design is quite difficult to read (colours, weights, fonts)


Hi there,.

Thank you for the feedback.  If we may ask which colors or specific section do you find  unpleasant to the eyes please?  We appreciate  feedback such as your as they help us  work on improving the  app :)

We look forward to hearing from you.

OK, below I'm using q1 (quadrant 1) for urgent and important, q2 for important but not urgent, q3 for not important and not urgent, q4 for urgent but not important.

I find the blue shadow for today and q2 tasks over the top; it's so eye catching it distracts from the rest of the UI. Similarly re. the red shadow for q1 and q4 tasks. [User goal] What we're all aiming for is to schedule almost entirely q2 tasks, with the occasional q1 task as required. If we achieve this, the latest UI becomes a big sea of blue and red shadows, which is not very nice to look at.

I would prefer a design which appears pleasing, somewhat calm, when the user is being productive / effective; if done well this will help influence the user towards the behaviour you really want to encourage. The latest design goes somewhat the other direction, looking more and more busy the more effectively it's used. Will this influence bad habits e.g. avoiding the bright blue q2 tasks? Not sure, but maybe.

The all caps font is not very readable to my eyes.

The role colours are more pastel than before and smaller in the role lists and on the tasks, which means it's difficult to see which role a task belongs to unless it's been time blocked. It less difficult if the task progress is non-zero, but this visual priority is the wrong way around IMO. The task progress indicator is intermittently useful, whereas it's always useful to know what role a task belongs to. [User goal] AFAIK we're aiming to schedule appropriate amounts of each role, so knowing which role each task belongs to is very important. For example, so we can see at a glance "yes, I've planned a balanced day / week" ... or not.

The timeline on time-blocked tasks often obscures the name of the task, which is another example of upside-down info hierarchy.

IMO a little too much visual weight is given to supporting information such as the swimlane titles and the dates. This pulls my eyes away from the task names / descriptions, which are more important IMO.

Here's a mockup (@x2 for retina screens) to help calibrate the above feedback. IIRC it's more like the previous design (~v2.6?) with some additional tweaks. It's more to my personal taste, though far from complete.

Hi Tim,

Awesome feedback :)  We really appreciate it I will make sure to pass this along to the  founder - Aymeric.

Have a great day.

Here is the Sketch file in case it's useful.

Is the latest web app representative of the  final design for the foreseeable future? :-s


Thanks Tim for taking the time to give feedback. I like where you put the time range in the task, I might steal that idea :)

I am going to give everyone more days to adjust to the new design and provide more feedback. Any major change like this inevitably triggers positive and negative reactions and it is hard to decide what to keep and change.

Under review

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.  We will take note of this and share with the team in charge.  

Please do not hesitate to send in your feedback and suggestions :)  We appreciate it.