design change !

Kamut 2 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 1 year ago 27

PLEASE: change the new (2.70) design back!!! it is soo much overcolouered and distracting!!!!


I try to be positive, but I have to agree. The new design was so clean and pretty before. This just hurts my eyes. The blocky font for the headings is terrible, all the bright blue gives me a headache, and I really don't like how roles are just denoted with a line now. I loved how each task was designated in the roles' color before. I understand things change, but for productivity software, this is really bad, guys. Especially the blocky headings font and all the blue. It's so distracting. The focus should be on our tasks. I adore Weekplan and haven't found anything like it that fits my needs, but if this design stays, I won't be renewing when my year is up in February.

Kamut via email 2 years ago
Competely the same for me, I will quit it it will. Noch change, I cannot work productive with this design!
Under review

Hi, Kamut and Kthrjeff!

Thank you both for your feedback. 

We are sorry to hear that you do not want the changes with the new interface of the app.

I will share your feedback to our founder and dev team to look into. 


Agree with everyone else. Plus, where is the MONTH view? This current set up does not work for our office at all.


Hi, Amy!

Thank you for the feedback.

Weekplan doesn't have a month view. Thus, the name itself wouldn't apply to it's function anymore.

I don't think that the name dictates not to have a month view. Neight logically nor technically.

I am so furious and frustrated by this!!!! Why would they change the interface without asking?!!!!

Everything has totally changed and it has become sooooooooo confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!! It changed from a very useful and interesting app to useless piece of garbage!!!! I can't be any more disappointed and I'm not gonna use this app ever again!!!!!!!!!!

Under review

Hi, Reza!

Thank you for your feedback.

May we ask what you don't like with the recent changes with the interface and what you would prefer to see?

Your kind response is most appreciated.

Hi Anna, thanks for your reply.

Everything!!! It would be better to ask what I do like and the answer would be nothing! I just wish you wouldn't dramatically change the entire interface without asking if the user wants to use the new interface. And you should've given us the option to keep using the previous interface. I hope you will add this option as soon as possible because I'm not using the app anymore since it's so distracting it lost all the good features and looks that made me want to use it in the first place. If I can't go back to the previous interface, I stop using the app altogether.

Put away the blue circles around the days and the color around the important/ urgent tasks.  the view before nice! Further the role  color on the tasks when I scheduled the time is distrating s well. A bit of Color is fine but the tasks are hard to recognize because of the role- colo. 


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I will share this to our dev team and founder for further review.

Thanks everyone, I am listening, keep the feedback coming. We will review the design after a short period.

I really appreciate you listening, Aymeric, but in the meantime, is there any way you can give us the ability to toggle between the old and new design? I suffer from migraines and that bright blue glow around all the boxes is triggering. I've marked all of my tasks as unimportant/non-urgent to minimize it, but it still being around the current day has driven me to just using the tasks lists in Gmail.

Absolutely The same for me!😫

Hi everyone,

Our team is already working on the colour scheme.

Please stay tuned for further update.


Why don't you set up a poll to see how many people prefer the old layout to this new one?

Hi Reza!

Thank you for the suggestion.

I shared this with the team to consider.

Hi Ana, just wanted to comment that I really like the new interface.  It is so much easier to use than the old one (which was also awesome).

The recent updates have made it more intuitive and the styling looks more modern.


Hi, Anthony! 

Thank you for reaching out.

We are glad to hear that you like the new interface. :) Our team will be happy to hear this feedback.

If you have other suggestions for the app, please let us know. We'll be happy to hear them! 

Please, is there a way to go back to the former design ?? The new one is illegible with those thin lines of color...

Hi , Aurelie!

Thank you for your feedback with the new interface.

However, the old version is about to be removed. Our apologies as there's no option to use the previous user interface of the new version at the moment.

I will share your feedback to our team. We will review the design again after a short period.

Hey everyone.

im new at weekplan and sometimes the design switch to the old version. Its crazy.

Hi ,

Welcome to Weekplan! :) Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I will share this over to our dev team to look into. Meanwhile, you can just click the link provided at the top of the window to go to the new version.

Please feel free to reach out if you have other questions or concerns.

Have a great day!

Kamut via email 2 years ago
Used Mozilla Firefox

Closing this ticket as we had responded to this feedback by toning down the colors.