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Hey, I just purchased the PRO plan to be able to use the API key for zapier.

If I want to use the API with other tools (like integromat.com or develop a custom one) how can I make use of that API key?

The api doc here https://api.weekplan.net/apidocs.htm shows a two step login which is more difficult to implement in other tools. Is there an updated api doc, that can show how can we use the api key?

The zapier weekplan zap is missing some things, that's why I'm asking ;)


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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.

These are the documents available through our Knowledgebase.



May we ask what's missing with the Weekplan Zap? Also, if these pages don't provide the information you need please let us know. 

The zapier tool doesn't allow me to sync tasks to high impact tasks, or to other boards than parking lot.

It also doesn't support some features on the tool I'm trying to sync from (the other end of the zap)

So I would like to develop a link over your api. I just need the api documentation.

Something like this: https://api.weekplan.net/apidocs.htm but updated.

PS. the links you sent me only point me to zapier or some calendar integrations, but I want to build a new integration



Thank you for the response.

May we ask what's missing with the Zapier connection?

Our founder is interested to know so he'll see if we can assist you with your request.


First off, the Zapier - Weekplan connection doesn't allow me to place tasks in other boards than the parking lot:

I would like to be able to place posts in other boards:

Or directly as high impact tasks for different roles.

Then, on the other side of the zap, the triggers aren't always polished for all the apps. For instance i'm using a checkvist zap, and it doesn't allow me to sync whenever I'm added as a member on a specifc task. Besides that, more advanced scenarios (like adding another step for filtering, requires me to buy a zapier license which can be quite expensive)

So if I could have access to weekplan's api, I could use a different tool like integromat, or maybe implement my own custom syncing stuff, like using https://flic.io/ to check things off in the planner.



The docs are actually fairly up to date but I don't think they will help you in this case.

We can improve the Zapier integration for you if you want:

- Allow to set WeekDate field (which determines whether a task is a HIT)

- Allow to pick a list from any board.

- Add a new trigger for when a user is assigned to a task.

Hey Aymeric,

Thanks for getting involved in this.

So, you have access to the zapier connection details. I was under the impression that the Zapier guys control that.

The first two tasks are useful for me.

What about https://api.weekplan.net/apidocs.htm?

Is this still up-to-date? Will it be maintained?

If I start implementing my custom integration using this API, will it still work in the future?

I want to end by congratulating you for creating WeekPlan. I think it solves a very subtle problem that a lot of task managers out there marginally address. Most task managers out there just collect the tasks, but don't help you that much with planning them. I think you've done a terrific job of identifying that gap and providing a solution to it. Also, adding Stephen Covey's and "getting things done" concepts in the mix is a nice touch!



Hi, Cris!

Aymeric is unavailble at the moment.

I have forwarded your message to him and he will respond to you as soon as he's available.

Thank you.

1. apidocs.htm is up to date because most of it is generated automatically.

2. All our apps rely on the API, so we are unlikely to introduce breaking changes. The day we do, we create a new version of the API (v3).

I am guessing you are a developer, what integration are you thinking of developing?

Thanks, I'm a dev yes.

I'm thinking about a couple of integrations:

1. Using flic buttons to mark some task's done.

(I'm thinking things I don't want to open devices for, like daily exercise etc.)

2. Start tracking time for a task whenever I open a project in my editor

Things like that :)

Hi, Cris!

Aymeric is unavailble at the moment.

I have forwarded your message to him and he will respond to you as soon as he's available.

Thank you. :)


I'm checking with our dev team for advice. We'll get back to you as soon as I receive a feedback.