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Daily email

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Is there a way to have Weekplan send me an email of the tasks I have for that day? I am sure you already have this, but I just cant find it.

The program is absolutely AWESOME.

Chrome extension
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We send you the tasks you have for the next day at 5pm

Hi Aymeric, how do I set them up to send, I don't see them in my inbox or spam so I can only guess they are not setup to send.


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Hi there! 

Thank you for the response.

You may set up the reminder for your tasks via sms or email.

Here's how:


What I was hoping for a was a way to setup a morning reminder for all that I have planned for the day rather than each individual item.

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Thank you for your clarification.

We appreciate the suggestion. We do not have this on our priority list at the moment but keep the votes coming.