how can i resequence and reprioritize goals?

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not clear how to change the sequence/priority of Goals. also, when i click on Add Goal, it seems to come out in a random place (sometimes first, sometimes last, sometimes in the middle). I am missing something, right?

Windows app

Kuidas te hindaksite meie klienditeenindust?

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ok thanks. Not the ideal, but I cam work with that.

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Ana Loraine
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Hi there! 

Thank you for reaching out.

Our apologies as there's no option to re-arrange/ prioritize the goals at this moment.

The team is going to work on improving the Goals Section. We will take note of this feedback and consider for future updates.

Aymeric Founder
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They are ordered alphabetically. To easily reorder them at the moment, simply add a number at the start

1 my great goal

2 another goal

3 etc