Show a rolling 7-day view in the Schedule instead of 1 calendar week at a time

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Toward the end of a week, I can only see 1, 2, or 3 days in the Schedule view, which limits the usefulness of the tool. Is it possible to make the schedule show a 7-day rolling view?

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Hi everyone, 

I sent this over to our team for review. We are trying to accommodate all suggestions and review them to consider for updates in the future.

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Hi there!

Thank you for the suggestion.

You can click the finished days within the week to view the details. 

May we ask why you prefer all 7days to be visible the entire time on your calendar?


The reason is that tasks inevitably get carried over or postponed to the next week, and it is easier to drag and drop such tasks to a desired date on the following week than to have to manually edit the task to change its date.


Thank you for the response.

We appreciate the feedback and will pass this along to our team . It may not be in high priority at the moment but we will have this noted for future improvement.


I think OP means the next 7 days. At the end of the week you can only see the next day which isn't very helpful. It should always show the next week's worth. When it's a Friday, it's annoying having to click "next week" to see what I'm doing on Monday.


Also it'd be awesome if this could be done in conjunction with hiding the weekends. This is a productivity tool and a lot of people don't work weekends. Surely getting rid of the weekend would make the app less clunky for a lot of users? At the moment I can't find any way to do this conveniently. 

It should be set up so that on Friday the 2nd, the visible days would be: 

Fri 2nd, then straight into

Mon 5th

Tues 6th

And so on according to how many visible lists are set in the settings. 

At present I'm doing the trial and thinking about paying for the year subscription but little things like this put me off.

Otherwise it's an amazing tool and exactly what I was looking for, thanks! 

I definitely second this. This is what ultimately drove me away from Weekplan - I'm trying it out again with the redesigned UI but it would be really great to use it like a rolling calendar, like other apps, so the next 3/5/7 days are visible. 


Hi everyone, 

I sent this over to our team for review. We are trying to accommodate all suggestions and review them to consider for updates in the future.

I have just started using WP this week and found this page looking for the same rollover solution as OP now that it's Friday. Perhaps using the Google Calendar sync to reschedule uncompleted tasks in Calendar's month view is a work around?

Hi, Peter!

Thank you for reaching out.

You can actually set the tasks to automatically roll over when not completed.


May we ask for your clarification how you wanted to incorporate the Google calendar sync with this function?

We'd like to hear more abut it.  Looking forward to your response!

Yes, this would be very useful! Sometimes I do my weekly planning on Fridays or Saturdays. In any event, it would be nice to see a rolling 7-day view of upcoming days.

This solution has merit because it allows us to plan the next week without changing to the month view.

It should not be always visible because instead of us focusing on today, then it would lead our eyes to the next week, and that is not what we want.

I don't agree with removing the weekends - this tool has all my roles, including personal ones, and those are usually scheduled on the weekends.

Hi, Alexandre!

The entire 7 days is shown on the week- view. You can also select a week to view on your schedule so you don't have to use the month view.

Perhaps a lack of what I was trying to say... By an option for a "rolling" week,  I meant that the week would start on the seven days from whatever day from the current day.  For example, if today were a Wednesday then the user would have the option to use a view the following seven days ending on the next Tuesday.


Hi, John!

Thank you for your clarification. I have forwarded this suggestion to our team to consider for future updates.


We have introduced a month view, and a classic calendar view that should address some of the pains you were trying to solve by asking for a rolling 7 day window.

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