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auto resize the HIT list width to the number of Roles

djacoby vor 2 Jahren aktualisiert von Ana Loraine vor 2 Jahren 3

I changed the number of Roles from 7 to 6, but the width of the HIT lists below my Schedule view did not change. So now i have very narrow lists and a blank spot on the right. Can you make these boxes auto resize to fill the space?

Windows app
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Hi there,

Thank you for  your feedback :)  We appreciate it.

We will take note of this for future improvement.



HIT lists are too narrow to work with. An auto resize, along with manual resize is required. The other option is allow to open in a separate window/dialog box, where the user can work on the full list comfortably.  


Thank you for your feedback.

I will share this to our dev team for review. It may not be on our priority list but we'll consider this on our next updates.