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Drag here to set start time doesn't work, also cannot drag from high impact tasks/roles to the timeline for the week

rob 2 years ago updated by eugeneyan 2 years ago 33

Unsure if this is a question or a bug, but I'm seeing in some of the youtube videos that you can drag a task from roles/high impact tasks to the time you want to do it on the timeline under week. But this isn't letting me do it. All it does is say anytime when I hold it over anywhere on the timeline. Am I missing something? I've tried chrome, safari, and firefox. 

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Hi everyone!

Our sincerest apologies for the confusion.

The new drag and drop function has not yet been deployed.

This "feature" is new. Need to fix this asap :(

yes, please,

thank you!

HI there!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I have forwarded this to our dev team for further checking. 

Thank you for your patience.

Hi, Rob!

Thank you for sharing this clip.

I have forwarded this to our dev team for additional reference. Rest assured, I will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Kamut via email 2 years ago
Sure, here is a short clip. It is the same with all browsers by the way (Chrome, mozilla and safari)
clip weekplan.mov

Hi, Kamut!

Thanks for sharing the clip!

I have also forwarded this to our dev team and waiting for their feedback.

Hi everyone,

we have changed how dragging a task works. 

when you start dragging a task, it will slide in a panel that will allow you to drop onto a day, list, role, person, etc...

it makes it faster to drag/drop tasks.

Yes thats ok but its not possible to drag to a specific time on the date anymore.

plz refer the attached videos in this ticket.

thats a big regression.

Yes you can, drop the task onto a day tile, and it will ask for a time.

The panel doesn't slide in when I start dragging a task....

Kamut via email 2 years ago
It is soooo annoying: I can’t use the time- setting function anymore, even NOT with the new (bothering) panels. (See clip below). Please bring the old timeline function back, it was sooo nice and handy and quick to use!


Weekplan 2_clip.mov

Hi, Kamut!

Thank you for your feedback with the new feature.

I will share this with our team for review.

The panel you speak of doesn't show up for me when I begin dragging a task. What Kamut is showing in Weekplan 2_clip.mov is not appearing for me. Do you know why that may be?

I've also tried Safari.

It may be a caching issue. Could you please try to refresh your cache?

Guys, you can still set a time to a task. You first drop the task onto a day "tile", then the panel will show the same timeline component where you can pick a time.


Hey Americ,

ive cleared the cache and i doesnt see the feature. if i hold the task over the timeline the message "drop here to set starttime" displays. but if i leave my mouse button still nothing happens.

its not possible to quickly set the starttime to an task even if click on the task and the date and "Set Time" and OK and Save ;)

What a mess :)


Our sincerest apologies for the confusion.

The dev team has reverted the deployment. Please give the situation a few days to resolve. In the meantime, you can set the time by clicking on the pen icon, then click on the date.

Yes but online is the version 2.85.1. This version doesnt work on chrome with the timeline. :(

rob via email 2 years ago
Yeah I would like to know the same thing.

Hi everyone!

Our sincerest apologies for the confusion.

The new drag and drop function has not yet been deployed.

Is there an updated timeline for this function?

Hi, Chris!

The drag and drop function on the timeline is yet to be deployed.

Our dev team is currently testing the new function before the update.

Thank you for understanding.

Kamut via email 2 years ago
I really wonder when the bug with the dysfunctional teimline will be fixed??????

Best regards

Hi guys, now the slider to set time, within the project edit pane, doesn't work as well. This is making scheduling time almost unusable. 

What is the effort estimated for this bug and where is it in the priority? Is there as ETA you can share please?

Hi there!

Please be advised that the drag and drop function to set the time on the timeline  has been deployed on version

Thank you.

Awesome! Thank you for the fix =)